Vote On Your Favorite Style Blogger Post! What's Your Favorite Spring Trend?

We've found our five Style Blogger finalists, and we've given them an opportunity to put their money where their mouths are. We asked each of them to wax bloggy on what their favorite spring trends are, and, as we hoped, they delivered their best efforts at illustrating what's really exciting them style-wise this season. We loved reading each one—but, it is a competition after all. Naturally, we want you to vote on who put their best foot forward. Just click through to the Style Blogger page to cast your vote! May the best blogger win!
Incredible Lengths: Long Skirts For Spring by Ashley
Buy yourself a few extra months of furry legged freedom and consider sporting long skirts this spring. A refreshing counterpoint to the usual spring fashion suspects (Shorts? Check. Florals? Check. Floral shorts? Check), this trend was seen everywhere with Jil Sander, Rag & Bone, and J. Crew leading the pack. Spotted in a variety of colors and fabrics, from slinky jersey, sheer chiffon, and even sequins, these maxi skirts are versatile enough to be dressed up or down. Channel your inner grunge goddess one day with a dark-hued maxi and an indecently thin vintage tee or a Coachella going sun worshiper with a bright, flowy, skirt, turquoise baubles, and leather sandals, the next. But wait, you’re bummed because you’re convinced you can’t work the extra fabric? Think again! Mini misses should scope out skirts with sheer panels, the veiled peek of skin makes it so that a petite frame isn’t drowning in fabric. Also, let’s not forget about proportions. Stay clear from being mistaken for a sister wife by keeping blouses fitted or by showing off that décolletage.  The long and short of it is these maxis are 100% comfortable, versatile, and totally unexpected for spring. Take these skirts for a spin, you might get hemmed in.
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The '70s Revival by Anna Jane
Spring has not yet sprung in Chicago and I'm already fantasizing about bare legs and open-toed shoes (sans socks or tights). My daydreams consist of neutral palettes, wide leg pants, and could possibly moonlight as an extra on Three's Company. From an outsider's perspective, the '70s were phenomenal. Disco was born (and subsequently died), pants rose high and their cuffs ran wide, Farrah ruled as queen, and platforms were a necessity. That's not to say the '70s didn't have its shortcomings (see: polyester leisure suits); However, it's difficult not to embrace the best this decade had to offer. For spring, I'm smitten with both structured and flowing blouses that can be tucked into high-waisted bellbottoms for a effortlessly tailored look, along with glamorous maxi dresses in neutral shades, à la Bianca Jagger, for a night out on the town.
To properly pay homage to this great decade, I’ll be resurrecting some of my retro, wedge platforms that got little attention last summer along with my favorite wide-leg jeans. I’m also hoping to pick up a few more printed, silk tops to polish off this trend. 1970s mania seems to come and go every few years which ultimately shows its sustainability as a style; it was truly a decade that cultivated wardrobe classics. Never stow away these closet staples for too long as they will always be in fashion again at some point or another—unless, of course, it's a polyester leisure suit.
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  Legs, Leather, And Lots Of Color, by Christina
The charm of warm weather and light garments in shops sends me reeling for L.L.C. This season I crave Legs, Leather, and Color and Lim, Coon, and Rag & Bone are delivering just that! 3.1 Phillip Lim’s clean menswear tailoring, and playful sheers are a perfect match for the stunning jolt of color stemming from his cornflower blue, paisley embroidered shorts. Spring is most definitely about color, but more importantly about the right amount of color exposed. Allow your look the freedom to which color may shine through your neutral tones.
Mandy Coon seems to follow the same aesthetic I admire. Coon’s vivid color-block skirt married with sheets of pale silvers, and finished with a leather waistband, embody the key components I am glorifying this spring. Coon’s leather top completing this look is brilliant, and excellently romantic. Her jellyfish inspired collection of fantastic geometric shapes are what makes Coon an essential New York designer to watch.
Rag & Bone does me in! This season revving up spring with a pair of boyishly cheeky shorts and blazing beams of color, complete with peek-a-boo garters. This look is for the downtown cool girl, grounded with black leather, red-laced shoes. Tying together a look that is completely “tough girl swag.”
This spring Vera Wang dominates the “tough girl” with a story line of gray and black, playing up both masculine and feminine edge. Wang gives way to a phenomenal pair of leg exposing gathered shorts giving something of a youthful style. Giving spring something to look forward to in Vera Wang.
We’ve got legs, we’ve got leather, and we’ve got color! L.L.C is Le City Kitty’s coined term of the season, bringing together all of my favorite elements from SS11 and a few spring trends I’m most excited about.
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MAXImize Your Style! by Roberta

With the transition of the seasons around the corner, I already find myself beginning to yearn for warmer weather, and the itch of switching our wardrobes starts. The coats and layering go out the window and all we want to do is simplify our outfits. Spring and summer looks are less complicated and are meant to be worn with great ease, and this is where the Maxi Dress comes in. Thankfully the fashion gods got down to the basics and made the maxi dress the key staple trend this season. With this trend, you get to eliminate the thought of "does this match?" or "what should I wear this with?" because you just slip this piece on and you'll end up looking chic and effortless.

 From reading TheRayandtheRo, you can see I cannot hide my love of maxi dresses, lately. Our favorite fashion brands like H&M, Topshop, Forever 21, and ASOS are making it easy to get those runway dresses for a fraction of the cost! My heart flutters when I see anything from print chiffon to solid jersey cotton dresses. However, what really won me over about the maxi dress is the straight from day-to-night look you can do with it. The sun being out longer brings on the urge to stay out later, and sometimes there is no time to go home and change. For a daytime look, throw some flats and wedges and accessorize with a waisted belt, bangles, sunglasses and maybe a Havana or floppy hat. Keep some heels in your car and a leather or power shoulder jacket and the maxi dress automatically turns into the perfect look for the nighttime. Feel free to add some fun bold accessories for the ultimate perfect touch!!

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Orange You Glad You’re Reading This?
Corny Title? Yes. Stylish Trend? Absolutely.
 by Zarna
Ever since I was a kid, I have loved orange foods.  I was obsessed with Sunny D, Meethi Dhal (an Indian dish), and mangoes. Orange was also my grandfather’s favorite color because most Indian swamis wear orange-colored robes.  So you could only image how excited I was when I spotted tangerine-filled, saffron-colored pieces strutting down the spring 2011 runways! 

If you’ve ever looked at my blog, you know I love color. I can’t seem to resist a good color combo, whether it’s in the clothes I’m wearing or the background behind me. Blame it on my culture: you will rarely see a traditional Indian woman wearing all black, and lets be serious, when was the last time you saw a Bollywood scene without a hundred dancers adorned in bright-colored outfits? Color excites me and just like textures and prints. It’s a great way to add an element of freshness to any outfit.  

The spring 2011 runways were full of bright and burnt oranges, amber, and saffron. A few of my favorite collections overflowing with sun-drenched orange were Prabal Gurung, Jil Sander and Versace. Gurung wove bright orange throughout his collection, which was full of bold hues like vibrant blues and sunny yellows. It was beautiful to see a designer use all of these colors together to create such signature pieces. The Jil Sander collection reminded me of my days in Miami, with beautiful billowy pieces and a lighter orange color, this collection made me crave a fabulous brunch on South Beach! Versace’s pieces were more structured and the collection boasted stunning orange blazers, skirts, and dresses. This collection included gorgeous separates and had me lusting over the perfectly crafted pieces!
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