The Sunglass Trend That Just Won't Quit

With its slightly flirty, slightly retro vibe, the cat-eye frame has done a decent job establishing itself as a universally flattering sunglass style. The turned-up silhouette, which has appeared decade after decade since the '50s, elicits the days of old Hollywood glamour and mid-century road trips, is a nostalgic mix that hits that summer style sweet spot.
The sheer staying power of the iconic frame has made it a staple for almost every eyewear brand in the business. Although there's a defining idea of what the classic cat-eye looks like, designers haven't been afraid to get creative. Over the past few seasons, we've watched the cat-eye warp into narrower shapes, with more rounded edges and pastel-tinted lens that have us asking, "just how many are too many to buy?"
Shop our favorite versions of the season, from true to vintage to modern, ahead.
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Giant Vintage Elodie, $22, available at Giant Vintage.
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Krewe Josephine, $295, available at Krewe.
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Kate Young for Tura Ally, $295, available at Need Supply Co.
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Urban Outfitters Slim Matte Cat-eye Sunglasses, $18, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Karen Walker Babou, $227.59, available at Karen Walker.
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Crap The Wild Gift, $68, available at Crap.
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Fendi Lei Cat-eye Sunglasses, $353, available at MatchesFashion.
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Topshop '90s Pointy Polly Sunglasses, $38, available at Topshop.
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Mykita Beverly Sunglasses, $519, available at Farfetch.
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Perverse Nordic, $50, available at Perverse.
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Etnia Barcelona Amelia, $265, available at Etnia Barcelona.
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Le Specs The Fugitive, $119, available at Le Specs.
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Linda Farrow 579 C2 Cat Eye Sunglasses, $1,105, available at Linda Farrow.
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Quay Australia T.Y.S.M., $60, available at Quay Australia.
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Poms x Pared Gatto, $260, available at Pared.