Viktor And Rolf's Surrealist Gowns...Perfect For The Red Carpet?

Hole-y moly, Viktor and Rolf! We were besides ourselves with the kind of glee when we saw these dresses on Viktor and Rolf's spring 2010 runway. In motion, these cut-out, tulle cake-like gowns gave us all delicious, fashion-induced chills, but we're almost loving the quiet absurdity they evoke in these Josh Olins-shot photos even more. Magdalena Frackowiak appears in Dazed & Confused 's "The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre," styled by Katie Shillingford, in the pieces that have been shaved, slashed, and bored through to create a surrealist's version of a gown. Though we realize how impractical they might be (imagine sitting down in one of these guys), we can't help but wish that they might make an Oscar-red-carpet appearance. Evan Rachel Wood—you looking for a dress?

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