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Thanks Vice! 5 Lessons From The Ultimate Collection of Dos and Don'ts

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    Today, thanks the techies who invented brilliant things like filters and blemish removers, a girl can relax knowing that getting snapped after one too many drinks isn’t necessarily the end of the world. However, the reality is that no matter the editing tools at your disposal, it won't hurt to know the dos and don’ts of being photographed while out and about.

    Thanks to Vice’s Dos & Don’ts Book 2, we can learn from the best and worst candid and not-so-candid pics. With over 1,000 images and racy captions of Vice’s most wild photo captures, flipping through the book is more like attending the biggest bash of the year rather than catching up on some light reading.

    While we suggest you pick up your own copy, we've highlighted just a few of the do moments (we'll save the juicy don'ts for you to discover) that most inspired us to clean up our own act.

    Vice Magazine's Vice Do's And Don'ts 2, $13.15, available at Amazon.

    Photo: Courtesy of Vice
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