Vested Interest

The season's most inspired spin-offs maintain the practicality of lightweight protection (a smart solution for transitioning into the blustery days of autumn) and the standard two-plus pockets, equipped to handle all the incidentals that don't quite warrant a full-on tote. Among our favorite contenders: Engineered Garments classic version for guys, Alexander Wang's night-time interpretation made even wilder with a leopard print, and Vena Cava, who not only turned out a little mini vest, but a vested gown, as well. These updated designs tug out a certain street-savvy sophistication that pushes the tackle box aside and is piqued instead by the call of the urban wild. Don't be surprised if that little Grizzly Adams in you answers back.
—Piera Gelardi and Loryn Hatch
Autumn's latest trend is a total catch—hook, line, and sinker.

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