11 Products That Keep Working Long After You Apply Them

Remember when workdays were from 9 to 5 and you weren't reachable at all times via 10 different apps on your cell phone? Yeah, us either. Like it or not, our lives are pretty much always on. And, invasions of privacy aside, we've become pretty spoiled by all the tech and gadgets that make the rest of our lives easier. Nearly every item we have works far beyond its stated purpose — our phones take pro-quality pictures (and help us find the best restaurants, and tell us what to wear based on the weather, and...). Our cars don't just transport us from place to place, they're also bona-fide entertainment systems and Wi-Fi hubs. And our watches tell us much more than the time, they also track our steps, make phone calls (?!), and monitor our heart rates.

That got us thinking, with all these multitaskers working so hard for us in every other aspect of our lives, why can't our beauty products do the same? We want — nay, demand — long-lasting products that solve our every nagging issue to boot. Imagine a cleanser that keeps controlling oil long after you've washed your face. Or a highlighter that gets your strobing on point while lending a luxurious scent. The good news? These products already exist! We've rounded up our favorites here, including picks like Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic, which not only tones, but also exfoliates, smooths, and leaves, as the name would suggest, a pretty righteous glow in its wake. So, for some hardworking products you won't need an extensive insurance plan for (unlike your phone), read on.
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If you have oily skin, this deep-cleaning daily cleanser will be a game-changer. The formula, which doubles as a three-minute mask, features rice proteins that soak up oil like a sponge. (In the same manner we sometimes leave our waterlogged iPhones to dry out in a container of rice.) Not only does this help reduce breakouts, but it'll keep your typically shiny trouble areas less shiny come mid-afternoon.
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How many times have you had a killer hair day that turned out to exist only in the comfort of your own bathroom? The minds over at Ouidad clearly understand our pain, because this "smart" gel keeps controlling frizz long beyond the bathroom. It coats the hair shaft to keep it from expanding while you're out in the elements. Curly girls will love that it leaves hair soft, not crunchy, but it works just as well to protect a smooth blowout.
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Chances are you’ve already heard about this cult-favorite toner from the beauty blogosphere or friends overseas, but now it’s finally available stateside. (And you can get it online or pick it up on your next Target run, no less.) The formula is alcohol-free, so it won't strip skin of much-needed moisture. However, the serious glow factor comes from the dead-skin-sloughing glycolic acid, which leaves you with brighter, more evenly toned skin all day long.
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When Monday rolls around and we’re still in a zombie state, we don't have the energy to rely on anything more than a bold lipstick to pull our look together. Although, this plan falls short when the highly pigmented formula inevitably dries out our lips by midday, and we’re back to feeling blah. This Estée Lauder formula is our blahness antidote. It packs the necessary colorful punch, but it's the “time-released moisture complex” that actually keeps color fresh throughout the day. What does that really mean? Each time you press your lips together, you’re actually releasing all of those good-for-you hydrators.
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There are so many types of clay out there that we came up with a handy little glossary to help you find the right one for your face. But when it comes to this green French clay, all you need to know is that it does everything — and then some. Apply it as a mask and let the natural ingredients, like lemongrass and tea tree extracts, absorb excess oil. Then, add a bit of water and watch as it transforms into a foaming cleanser, gently removing dead skin. That's more than we ever imagined our average weekly mask could do.
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Your shower water is Public Enemy No. 1 when it comes to color-treated hair. With every wash, pigment goes down the drain and hard-water minerals are left on your strands, leading to brassy color. This oil-based pre-wash primer not only replenishes fried hair, it also forms a protective barrier around each strand, essentially repelling color-sapping water as you shampoo. This basically works so hard that you can keep putting off those pricey appointments with your colorist.
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Two-in-one top- and basecoats are old hat compared to the weeklong benefits of this topper. It will maintain your mani's day-one shine for a full seven days. And, cool bonus factor — it makes your nails glow under a black light. Rave on.
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Slathering foundation on over acne-prone skin can often feel like you're hurting more than helping, but you can rest easy with this budget-friendly buy from E.L.F. It's a full-coverage formula that feels light and breathable on skin, but it goes far beyond that to infuse breakouts with a dose of acne-fighting ingredients — salicylic acid, witch hazel, camphor, tea-tree oil, and aloe — throughout the day. So you're not just covering, you're clearing.
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If you have yet to jump on the dry shampoo bandwagon, this could be the product that changes your mind. Fast-absorbing powders stand guard to target oil and sweat throughout the day. This is then coupled with a time-released fragrance that subtly wafts out a light, refreshing scent. That means no one's the wiser if you skip a shampoo for a day (or three).
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Find a good highlighter, and your beauty routine is golden. This luxe Burberry pick is the holy grail of highlighting, featuring subtle micro-flecks of shimmer in the prettiest Champagne shade. Beyond giving you a next-level glow, it's scented with the signature My Burberry fragrance that lasts all day. Who said perfume was only for wrists? Now your cheekbones, browbones, and décolletage can also give off the sexy scent.
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This is one product where the name does actually describe the benefits: Pore Putty. Apply it as a makeup primer for a smooth, shine-free finish, and, like its namesake, your pores will be "filled in" to the point of near invisibility. But it's the long-term benefits that qualify it for our multitasking arsenal — after a few weeks of use, it claims to reduce the size and shape of your pores.