19 Urban Outfitters Home Products That Look Surprisingly Grown-Up

Urban Outfitters has been a bastion of crop tops, artfully ripped jeans, and tongue-in-cheek books for as long as we can remember. Aside from its fashion offerings, the retailer also peddles colloquial wall art, tie-dye bedding, and peace-sign home decor. In other words, it's where many teens and early-twentysomethings find the perfect pieces to dress up their dorm rooms.
But somewhere along the way, the retailer's housewares division evolved into something very different. The site is now stocked with a panoply of minimalist, sleek, and design-oriented products that even grown-up shoppers can lust after. The brand hasn't pivoted away from its core demographic, per se — it's still well-stocked with fairy lights and heart-shaped merchandise — but it also stocks plenty of online-only pieces that look polished, but not overly trendy. Ahead, we round up 20 chic décor finds for your grown-ass self.
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Floor pillows for chic-but-boho guest gatherings? Talk about being an adult who has it together. Plus, these beauties provide much better rear support than just sitting on the floor.

Magical Thinking Hudson Oversized Tassel Pillow, $69, available at Urban Outfitters
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The hoop design adds a space-age twist to this hanging planter.

Assembly Home Eos Hanging Planter, $39, available at Urban Outfitters
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Any sophisticated dweller will recognize the importance of lighting fixtures: This conceptual pendant light will take your space to the next level.

Urban Outfitters Freja Pendant Light $169, available at Urban Outfitters
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An elegant home is all about clean lines. This shelf will automatically make your stuff look organized, thanks to the diamond-shaped wiring.

Urban Outfitters Diamond Cross Planes Shelf, $139, available at Urban Outfitters
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Colorful tapestries can define a space and cover up any blemishes on your wall. This pretty orange graphic reminds us of a sunset and adds warmth to any reading nook.

Monika Strigel For DENY Within The Tides Tapestry, $69, available at Urban Outfitters
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Swapping out sterile-looking adhesive hooks for these cool metal towel rings will make a huge difference.

Urban Outfitters Hexagon Towel Ring, $14, available at Urban Outfitters
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Is there anything more adult than using a fancy soap dispenser fit for a luxury hotel? Even the push-spout looks more refined than the ones on your run-of-the-mill plastic dispensers.

Urban Outfitters Lily Soap Dispenser available at Urban Outfitters
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Made with durable cotton materials, this abstract rug has a muted color scheme that will work in any room.

Urban Outfitters Cici Woven Rug, $289, available at Urban Outfitters
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Investing in items that pull double duty is the wisest way to decorate. This mirror-slash-jewelry-rack is chic and practical.

Urban Outfitters Hanging Rectangle Mirror Jewelry Storage, $39, available at Urban Outfitters
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This cozy lounge chair is the grown-up version of a beanbag.

Urban Outfitters Noah Velvet Lounge Chair, $198, available at Urban Outfitters
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Your jewelry stash would also look cute in this half-moon planter.

Urban Outfitters Half Moon Planter, $14, available at Urban Outfitters
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Keep your home bright and airy with this see-through curtain. The tie-top makes it adaptable to any type of curtain rod.

Urban Outfitters Joni Net Window Curtain, $79, available at Urban Outfitters
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Solid concrete blends in surprisingly well as a bedside table.

Urban Outfitters Concrete Side Table, $159, available at Urban Outfitters
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Not only will this candle provide your room with a warm glow and a lovely Bergamot scent — the concrete holder can be repurposed as a hefty container once the candle is all used up.

Urban Outfitters Large Concrete Candle, $30, available at Urban Outfitters
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Mismatched plates and mugs may be cute in college, but a nice set of dinnerware is the type of home investment a true adult would make. This ceramic set also happens to be in the hottest color of the moment.

Urban Outfitters 16-Piece Athens Dinnerware Set, $89, available at Urban Outfitters
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This wall hanging adds just the right amount of texture to a white wall.

Magical Thinking Textured Shaga Wall Hanging, $99, available at Urban Outfitters
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Mid-century furniture will always be a classic. This comfy chair captures the aesthetic — and the orange upholstery will definitely brighten up your space.

Urban Outfitters Rockwell Arm Chair, $398, available at Urban Outfitters
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These funky bowls will wake your eyes up while you're having breakfast.

Urban Outfitters Hand-Stamped Terracotta Bowl, $10, available at Urban Outfitters
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With a cool metal finish and innovative shape, this stool makes an eye-catching side table.

Urban Outfitters Column Stool, $149, available at Urban Outfitters
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