30 Gorgeous Engagement Rings That Are Totally Unexpected

It's no secret that the first thing everyone wants to see when someone gets engaged is the ring. Aside from the fact that you'll presumably be wearing the damn thing for the rest of your life, it's got to be really, really good. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when hunting for a piece of jewelry that's this important — it signifies a special time and relationship, you wear it more than any other piece of jewelry you own, and it has to match your style not only now, but forever. The great news is, there is a ring out there for everyone, regardless of your taste and preferences.

So before you write off the idea of ring-shopping because the plethora of options feels like too much to handle, we've rounded up 30 beauties that prove your average diamond just isn't going to cut it anymore. From black diamonds to quirky cuts, the ring to end all rings could lie ahead — and when you stumble upon it, we swear you'll know.
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Wear it solo or pair it with existing stackers.

Melissa Kaye Chloe Ring, $2,640, available at Melissa Kaye.
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Trade in your average diamond for a cool, clear quartz.

Ippolita Rock Candy 18-Karat Gold Quartz Ring, $495, available at Net-A-Porter.
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When engagement rings meet the evil eye.

Ileana Makri
Leda Ring, $1,345, available at Net-A-Porter.
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A black diamond makes a double-take-worthy statement.

Sarah & Sebastian Large Pin Ring, $1,450, available at Sarah & Sebastian.
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All chained up.

Anita Ko 18-Karat Gold Diamond Ring, $3,650, available at Net-A-Porter.
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It's like two rings in one!

Rachel Boston
Kauno Ring, $2,560, available at Rachel Boston.
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We're calling it: Blush is the new black.

Luna Skye Mini Moonstone and Diamond Ring, $1,210, available at Luna Skye.
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The best things come in threes, like these sapphires.

Erica Weiner
Machine Age Ring, $800, available at Erica Weiner.
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A ring of black diamonds is nothing but gorgeous.

Mociun Eclipse Diamond Ring, $2,449, available at Mociun.
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It's all in the details when it comes to an ornately shaped, gray-diamond stunner like this one.

Polly Wales Grey Diamond Ring, $3,602, available at Polly Wales.
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Opal, a stone of inspiration, makes a stunning complement to two diamond baguettes.

Love Adorned Vintage
Yellow Gold Ring, $1,700, available at Love Adorned.
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A little sparkle never hurts.

Jennie Kwon
Designs Champagne Diamond Echo Ring, $1,450, available at Jennie Kwon Designs.
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Diamonds and rubies are a girl's two best friends.

Catbird Leda the Swan with Rubies, $3,200, available at Catbird.
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A bit of negative space gives this partly open ring an added punch.

ManiaMania Comet Ring, $280.01, available at ManiaMania.
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Rose gold that's fit for a modern-day princess.

Kataoka Rose-Cut Flower Ring, $2,650, available at ABC Carpet & Home.
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A statement-maker unlike anything you've seen.

The One I Love Onyx & Diamond Lace Ring, $1,000, available at The One I Love.
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This set will get compliments left and right, guaranteed.

Wwake Nestled Diamonds & Micropave Triangle Pairing, $2,049, available at Wwake.
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A ring that proves good things come in small packages (and at small prices!).

Melissa Joy Manning Pearl Ring, $100, available at Melissa Joy Manning.
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Don't be a square — instead, try a square ring that breaks the mold.

Hortense Set Cube Rings, $365, available at Hortense.
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A single crystal completes this minimalist piece.

Lady Grey
Crystal Infinity Ring in Silver with Swarovski Crystal, available at Lady Grey.
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A perfectly imperfect moonstone takes this gorgeous piece to the next level.

Dana Rebecca Designs
Isla Rio Moonstone Ring, $1,045, available at Dana Rebecca Designs.
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Three's a charm.

Jennifer Meyer Triple Diamond Ring, $1,895, available at Barneys New York.
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This unique ring hides a special surprise — a swiveling face that you can monogram or leave unadorned.

Tilda Biehn Diamond Vision Flip Ring, $1,750, available at Tilda Biehn.
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Why go perfectly round when an organic shape is so much more special?

Bibi van der Velden Polky Engagement Ring, $1,149.50, available at Bibi van der Velden.
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These teeny black diamonds can catch your eye, even from a mile away.

Macha Taylor Ring, $1,670, available at Macha.
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Thumbs up for a ring that breaks all the rules.

Khai Khai Thumbs Up Ring, $1,300, available at Khai Khai.
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Even engagement rings aren't exempt from the ombré trend.

Digby & Iona Nuki Ring, $2,870, available at Digby & Iona.
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For the color-lover: Turquoise, hematite, emerald, diamond, amethyst, and yellow topaz will do.

Lulu Frost Seize the Day Ring, $1,275, available at Lulu Frost.
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The bigger, the better.

Meredith Marks
Ring, available at Meredith Marks.
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You'll be okay with never taking this one off, ever.

Katie Diamond Jewelry
Gemma Ring, $1,225, available at Katie Diamond Jewelry.

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