13 Insanely Cool Business Cards

Photo: Courtesy of DFM.
In any industry, everyone knows that networking is a must. But, how do you leave a lasting impression on a potential employer or collaborator? Enter: the creative, crazy-cool business card.
Whether you want to take your blog or business to the next level, or are on the hunt for a stellar job (new grads, we're looking at you), having a standout card is key. Ahead, 13 pin-worthy versions of the old-school staple that will sing your praises.
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Photo: Courtesy of House of Harvey.
Who says business cards need to be rectangular? House of Harvey blogger Stephanie broke the mold, turning to Presshaus LA to make her sunny, square letterpress cards with painted edges.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cotton & Flax.
Black and white never looked so cool. Featuring three different subtle patterns, Cotton & Flax's cards are the epitome of understated chic. For the top-notch results, the home-goods shop enlisted the help of design and paper company Lulu Dee.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mattson Creative.
Stand out in a sea of run-of-the-mill paper with square, wood cards à la floral and event designer Elena Damy. Designed by Mattson Creative, there's no way these gems will get lost at the bottom of a potential client's purse.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sean Adams.
Ships ahoy! With a little help from Moo and For Print Only for printing and production, AdamsMorioka designer Sean dreamed up these punchy nautical cards. We'll take one of each please.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hoodzpah.
The masterminds behind Hoodzpah Design Co. conceived these chic cards for local photographer Karissa Ford. If we were handed these cards, you bet we'd hire her.
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Photo: Courtesy of Javier.
When your job entails helping people and companies establish their brand identity, you should probably have a fantastic one yourself. Javier, the founder of Branding For Success, indeed accomplishes this tall order with these sleek, professional cards he designed himself.
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Photo: Courtesy of Michelle Edmunds Photography.
Design Womb created these cards for Beachy Cream, a Malibu ice cream shop. Cards that are as lovely as the shop itself? Check. We're in love the old-fashioned vibe, the adorable design, and fun, summery colors.
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It only makes sense: A creative company should have uber-creative business cards, right? The graphic design team at Lo Siento helped Venice-based Whirled devise these cards with a built-in wheel that flips through different adjectives. Genius!
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Photo: Courtesy of GoGoSnap.
Julie, a Los Angeles-based Etsy shop owner, hand-makes vintage-inspired business cards — to say we're obsessed is an understatement. It was hard to pick our favorite from her slew of stylish prints, but this '20s flapper version edged out the competition.
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Photo: Courtesy of Drawing From Memory.
Colorblocking isn't limited to your wardrobe. The folks at Drawing From Memory fashioned these graphic, on-trend cards for The Chic, a lifestyle blog.
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Photo: Courtesy of Presshaus.
To promote her creative studio, Jessica Comingore joined forces with Presshaus LA. We especially adore the juxtaposition of a cheery floral pattern with a black background.
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Photo: Courtesy of Maude Press.
Maude Press created their own super-cute cards, featuring a playful yellow pattern and cool square design.