Uniqlo Is Solving Every Fashion Girl's Biggest Winter Dilemma

It seems simple enough. We add a long-sleeve layer here, double-up our jackets there, and boom — we've cracked the formula for beating frostbite at its own game. But the reality is, all those heavy pieces can start to weigh us down or, even worse, trap in too much heat. Enter Uniqlo's answer to the sweaty-sweater struggle, HEATTECH. Easy to sneak underneath pretty much anything, these base layers and accessories provide warmth while keeping our style intact. And this season's collection does just that and then some.

Using super-innovative Japanese technology, the soft and virtually weightless pieces — which include everything from fleece turtlenecks and stretchy camisoles (PSA: the fibers used this year are infused with argan oil to prevent dry skin) to insulating socks and texting gloves — convert moisture into heat to keep our body temps balanced 24/7. So if you've been looking for a way to wear your fuzzy coats and chunky knits without bulking up in between, or you're just that girl who always runs cold, you're going to want to scoop up one (or three) of everything.

To guide the way, we collaborated with Uniqlo to create the lookbook for its new HEATTECH lineup, showing fresh ways you can wear these essentials. Click on to check them out, along with pieces to style them with, and get ready to look 100 even when it's below zero.
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With their heat-retaining qualities, these cozy socks and fleece gloves will make every winter activity way more bearable.
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Two words: iPhone compatible.
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Because you can never have too many black socks.
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This is the kind of puffer coat you're going to want to live in all winter.
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This skirt will look good with your knits now and with your vintage tees come spring.
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Have you heard? The cami is making a comeback. Layer this thin (but still functional) one under your sweaters and jackets for added warmth.
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Clothing that makes our skin soft while we wear it? Sign us up.
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Winter white, done really right.
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Cashmere gloves solve problems.
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Every winter outfit needs a pop of color; these socks do the trick.
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And they come with anti-odor properties? We can't say that won't come in handy.
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Behold, a puffer coat that you can actually move in.
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Consider this blue button-up your new go-to shirt.
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BRB, buying these super-soft skinnies in all four colors.