30 Unexpected Holiday Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Impress

You've made a list, and you've checked it twice. This year, you've got the whole holiday shopping thing on lock. The only problem? You've promised yourself to not take the easy route — that means not buying the same pair of socks for eight different people, no boxed chocolates, and no more resorting to candles as the last-minute goodie for everyone you forgot about.

For once, you're taking the holiday season as a time to actually show the people you care about just how much they mean to you — and not just anything will make the cut. Where to begin? Since the only thing better than receiving a gift you're excited about is giving one that blows someone away, we're here to help you stay committed to the goal of doing just that. It's time to score some presents that aren't just meaningful, but totally unexpected, too. Click through for the 30 most out-of-the-box items that are sure to impress everyone on your "nice" list.

No matter who you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.
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Any cool chick has probably dreamt about learning how to skateboard at some point in life, so why not give your fashionable friend an artsy start? This deck looks just as good propped against a wall as it does cruising down the street.

Emilio Pucci Skateboard, $402, available at Emilio Pucci.
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This chic piece of wearable tech tracks steps, calories, distance, and elevation — and looks good in the process. If you're looking to treat someone who's super fit (but doesn't want tech hindering her look), this is a guaranteed winner.

Mira Bracelet, $169, available at Mira.
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Bandanas are back as a must-have fashion accessory, but this one carries special meaning: It depicts Mount Fuji reflected on the surface of the water like a mirror. In Japan, this occurs at sunrise and sunset, and is called a "double diamond." The smile is meant to be a symbol of luck and is reminiscent of the sun. So a gift that's wearable and meaningful? It doesn't get better than that.

Kapital Navy Double Diamond Bandana, $40, available at Love Adorned.
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What better time to celebrate how supportive and generous your bestest friend is than the holidays? Spoil her with a luxe item she probably wouldn't treat herself to. With an iridescent shimmer, this crossbody is just the kind of modern yet timeless piece she'll love for a long time to come.
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Or, rather than giving a handbag, give a fun D.I.Y. project. This knit-it-yourself clutch comes with everything a crafty kid needs to hand-make a killer clutch.

Wool & The Gang Hold Tight Clutch, $55, available at Wool & The Gang.
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The tee speaks for itself, and it's the perfect present for your super-feminist friend. It's a collaboration with our friends We are the XX, a female founded media company creating content with feminist values and mainstream sensibilities. Hell to the yes.

Fem Shop Estrogen Is My Hero Tee, $34, available at Fem Shop.
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Everyone loves eggs, and this small enamel pin adds a sunny side up touch to any jacket pocket, sweatshirt, or cork board (and it's affordable, too).

Mansi Shah Egg Lapel Pin, $15, available at Mansi Shah.
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Less is more with this chic laptop case for the minimalist on your list. You don't always see one chic enough to carry on its own like a large clutch, and this one makes that simple with pockets especially for a phone and pen.

Omoi Zakka Shop Minimal Large Folio, $58, available at Omoi Zakka Shop.
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Don't forget the little ones this gift-giving season. Since you know they're all glued to their iPads, offer the alternative of a good, old-fashioned kite for playful afternoons actually spent outdoors.

Haptic Lab Procyon Diamond Kite, $42.95, available at Omoi Zakka Shop.
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Caffeine-lovers, unite. This is the realest gift for your always-groggy brunch buddy.

Various Keytags Coffee Keychain, $14, available at Project No. 8.
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Give someone's sad cubicle a colorful makeover with this modern, pretty-to-look-at stationery set.

Mette Hay's Colorful Stationery Gift Set, $36, available at MOMA Store.
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For that one photographer friend who uses an actual camera. Help him carry it in style with a cute, one-of-a-kind camera strap. Bonus: these are hand-made in Brooklyn.

Djibouti Super Deluxe, $112, available at Bezar.
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Sriracha turns into srir-ART-cha with this spicy print. Any hot-sauce fiend will be over the moon to unwrap this this year.

Bezar Sriracha Print by Zachary Kiernan, $29-89, available at Bezar.
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You don't have to spend a lot of money to put a smile on someone's face.

Scout & Whistle You Are My Favorite Ribbon, $8, available at Etsy.
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Instagram's great and all, but the actual printed, tangible photo is a lost art. This instant digital camera prints your pics right on the spot.

Polaroid Red Z2300 Instant Digital Camera, $195, available at Moda Operandi.
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This little letterpress calendar allows its recipient to keep track of every important birthday, organized by the astrological constellations for every sign.

Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress Zodiac Birthday Letterpress Calendar, $30, available at Omoi Zakka Shop.
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Coziness levels will reach an all-time high when your giftee realizes these can be worn outside of the house, too.

Bill Blass
Sutton Novelty Slip-On, $288, available at Bill Blass.
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Not only does this delicate stacker suit a variety of personal jewelry tastes, but for every piece sold, Aurate will donate a book to a child from an economically disadvantaged background.

Aurate Mini Charm Circle Ring, $95, available at Aurate.
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Just like the site's tagline says, "Go ahead, make someone's day." That's exactly what this genius set of compliment cards does.

Compliments Of Calling Card Collection, $16, available at Compliments Of.
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The most adventurous spirit in your life is often hard to track down for a catch-up lunch — or even for a phone call. So when you finally do find her with downtime between excursions, gift her something practical for travel that’s bright, playful, and sure to remind her of her friends at home.
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When Supreme, Timberland, and Comme des Garcons collaborate, the result is a badass boot that anyone would love to receive.

Comme des Garcons 6-Inch Boot, $238, available at Supreme.
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The friendship bracelet is back, and these are perfect for you and your whole #squad. Your friends will crown you the Taylor Swift of gift-giving this season.

Stella & Bow Squad Bracelet, $44, available at Local Eclectic.
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A super-soft scarf illustrated with everyone's favorite Milk Bar treats — what could be better? It's perfect for your sweetie.

cjw Milk Bar Scarf, $175, available at Milk Bar Store.
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This little rug features the full monty, and makes for a fun and cheeky housewarming present for someone you know will appreciate a sense of humor in her home decor.

Cold Picnic Private Parts Rug, $264, available at Anomie.
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For the yogi friend, or as a thoughtful gift for your mom or loved one, this delicate choker carries unique meaning: It symbolizes the 7 Chakras, or the spiritual energy centers within the body. They are symbolized by seven different lotus flowers.

Tiny Om 7 Chakras, $625, available at Tiny Om.
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Beach towels should never be boring, and this mesmerizing one from Mara Hoffman is far from it — for your younger cousin who has big spring break plans, this is a gift that'll catch major eyes at the beach.

Mara Hoffman For Pendleton
Towel, $78, available at Mara Hoffman.
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This is a set of seven postcards printed with gorgeous rock and mineral images. And, the facts about each are listed as encyclopedic entires on the inside of the envelopes. Rock on.

PostalCo Minerals Encyclopedia Cards, $10, available at Need Supply.
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It's cool if you're not ready to shell out your life savings on an unexpected present for anyone this year — just give the gift of luck by sliding this four-leaf clover into a sweet handwritten note.

Them Four-leaf Clover, $4, available at Them.gifts.
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For the artsy friends, a quirky coaster set will surprise and delight — and make the ultimate finishing touch to an envy-inducing bar cart.

Table Tiles Coaster Set, $15, available at Poketo.
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This intriguing little kit comes with a luxe silk scarf inside. Just add water, and the result is a one-of-a-kind gift that feels like a magic experiment.

Shabd Magic Jar Dye Kit, $75, available at Art Markit.
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These glorious temporary tattoos look just as good as the real thing — without the branded-for-life aspect of permanent ink. The set makes an affordable and unexpected gift for all ages (yep, temporary tats are for adults now, too).

Tattly Woodland Set, $15, available at Tattly.
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No flight is the same without a little Champagne, so surprise the jet-setter in your life with this traveling cocktail kit. Just add the hard stuff, no special occasion necessary.

W&P Design Carry-On Cocktail Kit, $24, available at Flight 001.
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