Mermaid Yoga: Incredible, Underwater Instagram Photos

Browsing through random hashtags on Instagram can sometimes lead you to very dark corners of the Internet — places where you see things you wish you could forget. But, today I stumbled upon the breathtakingly stunning account of Britta Trubridge, freediving yogini and creator of B. Tru Yoga. She is also basically a mermaid.
In her hauntingly beautiful, perfectly timed photographs, Trubridge manages to capture yoga's essence of calmness, stillness, and serenity while pulling off incredibly challenging asanas — and holding her breath. "Some of the poses are very difficult because the sinuses get flooded if the head is inverted," Britta explains. "So, even though it may look like I am 'serene,' I am in a lot of pain! There is a lot to learn and take from it all, and really, it's just for the love of art." Remember: Trubdrige (and her photographers) are trained freedivers, so don't try to recreate these images on your own.
Behold, our favorite mermaid — minus the tail.
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"We plan the location, poses, and outfits in advance; it's all a mixture between both my and the photographer's creative insight," Trubridge explains. "And, when the conditions (tide, visibility, sun etc.) are right, we go for it. We usually spend about an hour or so in the water and take a few hundred photos. Of this, a handful are satisfactory. I usually do the pose several times, then change outfits, and move on to the next pose and background."
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It doesn't get more beautiful than this: performing the "mermaid pose" while underwater.
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Forget a stand-up paddle board (never mind an actual yoga mat); Trubridge takes her poses beneath the ocean's surface.
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"You are made of the Earth, the sea, the sky, the sand, the are an integral part of the big picture," Trubridge writes.
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Courtesy of @BrittaTrubridge/Ilona DuBuske/Anastasia By The Sea.
Trubridge and her husband William (a world-champion freediver) created the TruBlue Foundation to protect the ocean. "To represent the human connection to the view it as a reflection of our own selves," reads the mission statement. They regularly hold beach cleanups and are working on raising awareness about the diminishing population of dolphins in New Zealand.
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Trubridge describes herself as an "agent of the sea."
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Courtesy of @BrittaTrubridge/By Igor Liberti.
Trubridge started taking submerged yoga photos at the suggestion of underwater photographer Daan Verhoeven. "He said, let's give it a try, and so we did. And, the whole movement was born."
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Courtesy of @BrittaTrubridge/@BigBones57.
A restful savasana (corpse pose) looks extra fun when floating. Trubridge calls it a "savasana starfish."
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Courtesy of @BrittaTrubridge.
"I really enjoy the practice of meditation and pranayama...the essence of it is connecting to your true self," Trubridge says in her video with performance activewear brand, MPG.
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To see more amazing images, follow @BrittaTrubridge on Instagram — and be prepared for the ultimate case of wanderlust.