8 Underrated Beauty Products You Need In Your Life

Usually we’re letting you in on all the latest and greatest beauty products to hit the market — but not today. Sometimes what you really need are the tried-and-true items. And guess what? You've already got 'em.

What if we told you that some of the best makeup, skin-care, and hair goods out there may very well be camped out in the back corner of your medicine cabinet or shower caddy? Your mom has them, you have them, and your kids will probably keep them in stock, too — and for good reason.

The products ahead are bathroom staples that get the job done, but also have a whole bunch of off-label uses. In the spirit of our two favorite things (multitasking and money-saving), let us re-introduce you to the most underrated and ignored products already in your arsenal. It's time to give them the love they deserve.
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You may have petroleum jelly in your medicine cabinet in case you get a scrape or a cut, but this staple does so much more. It is still, to this day, one of the most effective moisturizers on the market thanks to its occlusive nature. "Petrolatum is one of the best, if not the best, moisturizing agents," says cosmetic chemist and cofounder of The Beauty Brains Randy Schueller. "Your lips always have water in the deeper layers of skin. When your lips are chapped, the barrier is compromised and you lose water too quickly. Occlusives are good because they slow down the excessive evaporation, and allow the upper layers of skin to retain more water and be more hydrated."

Sure, it may have a consistency that some wouldn't want to put on their faces before leaving the house, but if you spot-treat with it at night, it will lock in all that moisture. Even though she doesn't have to think twice about dropping cash on expensive products, Jennifer Aniston says she uses Vaseline on her eyes to moisturize the skin and condition her eyelashes (a trick her mom taught her). It's also great for any rough patches like elbows, knees, and, of course, lips.

And it doesn't stop at skin care — many makeup artists include Vaseline in their kits. Mix it with lipliner to create a lip stain, or with powder eyeshadow or blush to make it into a cream, or use it as a brow gel. Makeup artist Jamie Dorman mixes Vaseline with highlighter to give cheeks a radiant glow, and suggests putting it around your nail beds to prevent a messy manicure. (Bonus: It strengthens your cuticles in the process.)
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Blowdryer Nozzle
Though you may toss it to the side and forget about it, the nozzle on your blowdryer is the most important step to getting a sleek, frizz-free style (if that's what you're after). "Without a nozzle, you’re never going to get [the hair] smooth," says hairstylist and tool guru Harry Josh.

Antonio Prieto
, founder of Antonio Prieto Salon, says a nozzle's not only helpful for creating a sleek look, but it is also "a great tool for directing the heat and protecting your hair from frizz and damage."
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Cold Cream
It's not just force of habit that has made your grandmother stick with cold cream all these years. The stuff has magical powers. While it's traditionally used as a facial cleanser (with that even more retro-seeming washcloth), it's also great for removing stubborn makeup and can serve as a calming mask. Even Kylie Jenner loves the stuff!

On top of those uses, it's also great for healing dry patches as a non-petroleum alternative to Vaseline. Plus, its cooling effect is super-soothing on a painful sunburn. Makeup-artist-turned-aesthetician Mary Schook has even more uses up her sleeve. "On photo shoots, we would sometimes use cold cream as body cream to get that high sheen on the body," she says. "It also makes for a decent shaving cream."
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This classic hair product often gets written off as dated (not to mention bad for the environment in aerosol form), but there is a reason it can still be found in every hairstylist's kit — especially now that there are new innovations in the category.

Gone are the days of helmet-head and crunchy curls; hairsprays today work to hold a look in place while still keeping the hair soft and touchable. You can spray it after you style your look, or before straightening or curling to lock in the shape. It also works to control frizz and add shine.

Spritz your bobby pins with a little hairspray before tucking them into an updo, and they won't budge. You can even spray a little on your hands and sweep them over the top of your head to smooth flyaways or over your brows to groom them. And finally, let us blow your mind with this one: Hairspray works as a quick-dry for your at-home mani. Whoa.
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Everyone has at least one (probably multiple) bottles of conditioner chilling in their shower. But did you know that this stuff is as versatile as it is common?

Beyond the obvious post-shampoo rinse to soften and detangle your hair, founder of Organic Head Daniel Galvin Jr. suggests scrunching a dime-sized drop of conditioner through curls to separate and define them, or diluting a drop of it to use as a leave-in conditioner on the ends of the hair. It can also tame flyaways or add sleekness to updos and ponytails.

But conditioner even goes beyond hair; it works to clean and soften makeup brushes, as a cuticle cream, and even as a shaving cream. (Start saving those hotel freebies.)
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Baby Powder
Baby powder may keep babies dry and comfortable, but it can also do the same for men and women on a hot summer day — not to mention, prevent chafing. Speaking of sweat, it's not a coincidence that so many deodorants are scented powder-fresh, since baby powder can actually absorb perspiration. So if you find yourself suddenly out of Secret, baby powder works in a pinch.

And it doesn't stop there: Add a little powder to your mascara to make your lashes extra thick or use it to set your makeup. "If you’re out of dry shampoo, baby powder is a great alternative too," says Galvin. "Pepper it on your roots to absorb excess oil, and then run your hands through your scalp a few times to disperse the powder. Also, the clean scent will help to freshen up your hair."

Bonus: If you're traveling without baby powder, Schook says your face powder can also work to de-grease dirty roots.
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Cotton Swabs
Usually you're hearing about what not to do with your Q-tips (ahem, clean out your ears), and then probably doing it anyway. But today, we're giving you some other ways to get your cotton-swab fix. "Cotton swabs serve many purposes," says Honey makeup artist Suzy Gerstein. "Not only can they be used to clean small, hard-to-reach places, but they can also be used to apply makeup, or even to clean around the edges of your eye makeup."

They work as a replacement for pretty much any kind of makeup brush (lip, powder, concealer, eyeshadow, you name it), and are the perfect vessels to apply the earlier mentioned baby powder to your lashes in-between swipes of mascara. Pick up some when you want to turn your eyeliner into a smoky eye or your lipstick into a stain, or dip them in moisturizer or eye-makeup remover to get rid of pesky eye-crease streaks or rogue makeup flecks.
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Lip Balm
This one is a no-brainer, but what would we be without our massive stash of lip balms in every purse? But besides slathering our lips at every possible moment (yes, it is addictive), there are plenty of other uses for our trusty ChapStick.

Like some of our other most underrated products, you can also use it to keep brows in place, tame flyaways, and moisturize cuticles. It can also remove those annoying mascara specks you sometimes notice after leaving the house. And if you nick yourself shaving, dab a bit of balm on the wound to speed the healing process in a pinch.

My personal favorite: If you just got a new pair of shoes that you think might do some damage, slather some lip balm on the places where the shoes rub to prevent blisters. It really works! (Just maybe keep a tube specifically for this purpose.)
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