30 Last-Minute Gifts That Are Under $10

If you've been good this year, you've already crossed all the names off your list and wrapped every last box. You can sit back, and enjoy your egg nog. Meanwhile, the procrastinators of the world (here, here!) are scrambling to find quality gifts that don't completely reveal exactly how long we waited to start our holiday shopping. And, with our wallets still feeling the blow from the first round of gifting, our strategy is all about efficiency — both in our time and funds.
Those last couple of names on the list are always the trickiest: the close friend you save until the end because it's so hard to find the perfect thing; the work bud you only recently became close with; and, of course, the acquaintance you got during an awkward Secret Santa draw. Whether you're tracking down gifts for friends, relatives, or other satellite individuals in your life, we're here to help you wrap up your holiday shopping without spending an arm and a leg. (After all, you want to save some for yourself for those post-holiday sales!) We found 30 under-$10 gifts that all feel special, so no one will know you waited until the very last minute. Don't worry, we won't tell.
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Half storage, half sculpture, give a friend the gift of artistic organization with this geometric ring holder.
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Have your loved one feel like a bad ass — if only for a moment — with these quirky temporary tattoos.
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For your friend who loved Not That Kind of Girl: a print by Joana Avillez, the artist who illustrated Lena Dunham's book.
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The astrology-obsessed will want to send these horoscope cards to themselves.
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Dress up your loved one's fingers with some dainty midi-rings.
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These all-occasion tags will make your friend the MVP of gift-giving in 2015.
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If you know someone who's always traveling, they'll love to carry a familiar scent with them wherever they go.
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These sleep shorts will let the snow bunny in your life pretend they're going to hit the slopes year-round.
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This luscious hand cream is so good, you'll want to pick up some moisturizing goodness for yourself.
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Give your friend a loving start to 2015 with a heart-shaped sparkler to light on New Year's Eve.
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We all know someone that goes from 0 to 100 real quick.
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Give the ultra-femme a slight edge with these swing earrings: While still very feminine, this bauble is an interesting twist on the pearl studs on her dresser.
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For the friend who loses everything: Organize her life with these fun pouches.
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What better way to go back to school than with notebooks dressed up in Marimekko flowers?
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For the person in your life with a serious case of wanderlust: a guidebook to inspire more travels in the new year.
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Give the gift of comfort this holiday season.
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Spice things up.
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Be the coolest aunt or uncle by gifting these embroidered stickers to the kid in your life.
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It's never a bad time for a sock upgrade.
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Young or old, big or small, this bag o' cats will please any feline lover.
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Send your loved ones home with personalized luggage tags to make their journey feel extra-special.
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Writers, philosophers, and compulsive list-makers all want the same thing: a new pack of pocket-sized notebooks.
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Colored pencils are fun, no matter what age.
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Your friend will likely attract some worried looks as he or she drinks out of this faux sriracha bottle. But, it's for their health!
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Gently nudge your loved ones to a more sustainable lifestyle with this graphic reusable grocery bag.
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Your friend will feel like a million bucks when they use this gemstone-inspired soap.
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The easiest way to give your friend's wardrobe an upgrade: floral shoelaces to pair with their Docs, Converse, or oxfords.
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The budding astronaut in your life (or, the person who listens to Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk Live religiously) will greatly appreciate this space-themed patch.
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Sweet dreams are made of this.