10 Words To Know Before Watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt lives in her own world. It's a cross between middle school, the year 1999, and present-day New York. Mix in the fact that she was held hostage by an insane (if handsome) preacher for 15 years, and you have what can only be described as a unique worldview — and the vocabulary to go with it.

Whether she's using outdated slang or just plain confusing phrases (hash brown, no filter), Kimmy's vocab is a delightful mess. And since season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is now streaming on Netflix, it's time for a refresher. Ahead, 10 Kimmyisms from season 1 — you might as well learn them now. There will be plenty more in season 2.
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au bon pain
noun \ō-, bän- ˈpan\

: (fancy, faux foreign) used to express feelings of surprise, disbelief, or mild anger <Pardon my French, but au bon pain.>
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interjection \ˈbē-yän-ˈsā\

: (fancy, faux foreign) an expression of gratitude in response to something given or done <“Would you like water?” “Beyoncé.”>
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ham sandwich
noun \ˈham- ˈsan(d)-ˌwich\

: a food-based stand-in for a low-grade profanity <What in the ham sandwich?>
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hash brown
noun \ˈhash- ˈbrau̇n\

: a not-right (but, really, not-wrong) way to describe the symbol # on social media <hash brown, no filter>
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hola morning
interjection \ ō ‘lä-ˈmȯr-niŋ \

: used to say hello to a Spanish speaker in the morning <¡hola morning, Vera!>
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noun \kim-ē-iŋ\

: the activity of smiling until you feel better <Smile until you feel better. I call it “kimmying.”>
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make waffles
verb \ˈmāk-iŋ wä-fəls\

: (Durnsville, IN — well, West Durnsville) to destroy, as if by cooking in a hot press so that the object of scorn becomes a Sunday breakfast <I'm gonna make waffles outta him.>
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tree clam
noun \ˈtrē ˈklam\

: (Durnsville, IN) a small green nut <I want to learn real stuff, like why the sky is blue or why tree clams are so delicious. Sorry, on the East Coast, you call them “pistachios.”>
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troll the respawn, Jeremy
interjection \ˈtrōl thē rē-ˈspȯn, jer-əm-ē\

: (informal) good-bye <Troll the respawn, Jeremy.>
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interjection \yu̇-ˈrē-thrə\

: used to express excitement over an idea or discovery <Urethra! That’s it.>
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