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Tour This Designer's Polished Space

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    Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish.



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    It only took one look at Rumi Neely's amazing home for us to see that the folks at Homepolish — the interior geniuses responsible for the fashion star's home makeover — know what they're doing. Whether it's a total renovation or finding the perfect finishing touches, Homepolish designers work by the hour to create balanced spaces that just work. For more design inspiration, follow @Homepolish.
    Ulla Johnson’s collections are inspired by the energy of cities and nature, creating wearable and beautiful clothing for the woman on the move. A real life fashion guru, Ulla’s amazing personal style permeates every aspect of her life, so by calling Homepolish, she was really just looking for an editor.

    Taking a step back from your space is hard to do when you’re in it every day for five years, but that’s what we’re here for! Click through the slideshow to see how Ulla and her Homepolish designer Katie Li worked together to create better storage areas, streamlined her mood board and freshened up the workspace for higher productivity.

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