Finally! A Vid That Points Out Things Men Should Never Wear

If you've been on the internet for more than a day, you've seen those filler articles that every pop culture site is guilty of: "Trends That Men Hate But Women Love!" If you Google that phrase, you'll find millions of posts about how women's fashion is endlessly hard to understand. What is a peplum? What's hiding in those harem pants? Who's responsible for those mullet dresses?
Women are often expected and encouraged to dress to the nines every day. How many times have you seen a beautifully dressed goddess at a work function joined by some basic dude wearing jeans and flip flops? Like, who gave you the right to wear your hat backwards after 1990? Personally, I think we should wear whatever the heck we want and mind our own business, but boy is it refreshing to point the finger in the other direction for once.