Twitter Troll: Whitney Port's New 'Do, Ask Robert Verdi Anything, And A Fashion-Induced Coma

prabalgurung: "Love it when seams/pattern r aligned n match,sleeves set perfctly,handsewn fusing not ironed on,lining is hand sewn thrills/perks of my job" Keep it up Mr. Gurung, because we love well-made clothes almost as much as you love making them.
whitneyEVEport: What do you guys think of this new look for me??? I know it's a drastic change..." Whit, we think it may be a good idea to stick to your roots.
beckadiamond: "Eating a bunch of junk food from craft service, not the same as yours @ObesityandSpeed #dietcokegranolabarchips #wheretheveggiesat" Hey, we're hungry. Wanna share the goods?
RobertVerdi: "I'm answering your questions about ANYTHING today! Ask away! #RVTIPS" So, we've been dying to know, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
sea_of_shoes: "I am about to go into a Victor Costa Bob Mackie Ungaro YSL induced coma of bliss. I'm in vintage heaven!" Don't stay in that coma for too long, because Fashion Week is just around the corner!