35 TV Characters Who Deserve A Spinoff

This month, Breaking Bad fans get a reprieve. Though Walter White is long gone from our lives, his crafty attorney Saul Goodman is coming back to AMC in Better Call Saul, a prequel of sorts that takes place in 2002.

The spinoff has long been a source of both hope and disappointment for the avid viewer. Sometimes, more is more (Buffy and Angel!). Sometimes, if they air at the same time as the original, it feels like a drain on the producers' talent (dare we say so, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals). And, sometimes, it's a poor, poor substitute for the original (remember Friends sequel Joey?). Still, there's always a chance that a new story focusing on a character from the sidelines of an old favorite can breathe new and exciting life into a fictional universe. It certainly sounds better than those old TV reunion movies networks used to trot out from time to time.

We decided to pick a few fascinating characters from shows both dearly departed and still with us that would make for amazing new spinoffs. They might require time machines to become reality, but they're still pretty fun to imagine.
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Glen Bishop, Mad Men

Glen (Marten Weiner) is one of the weirdest cases of nepotism on a show we've ever seen — who else but Matt Weiner would cast his son as the creepiest little kid with a thing for Betty Draper? To be fair, Glen has grown up into a much more stable young man, and if he got his own spinoff, set in the late '70s, Sally (Kiernan Shipka) would have to stop by from time to time.
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Dr. Jennifer Melfi, The Sopranos

Tony Soprano could not have been Dr. Melfi's (Lorraine Bracco) only patient. Let's see her do a sort of In Treatment, New Jersey style, with all of the other colorfully fucked up, not necessarily Mafioso characters that would include.
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Kitty Sanchez, Arrested Development

Now that George Bluth Sr.'s former assistant Kitty (Judy Greer) is in the movie business, she's got plenty of new outlets for her ambition and lust. More Judy in everything, please.
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Guillermo, The Walking Dead

With about 95% of the show's original characters dead, there are limited candidates for spinoffs. Still, there was one plotline we always wondered about: Guillermo (Neil Brown Jr.), the nursing-home maintenance worker who was keeping the old folks safe in Atlanta. Are those guys still around?
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Casey McCall, Sports Night

Once upon a time, before Aaron Sorkin shows became unbearably preachy, there was the criminally short-lived Sports Night. With Newsroom and Parenthood over, Sorkin and Peter Krause are due for a reunion, picking up where sports anchor Casey left off.
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Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock

Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs), the landlady of 221b Baker Street, has revealed that her husband was sentenced to death in Florida. This is just screaming for a prequel.
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Mel, Flight of the Conchords

Our suggestion out of left field: Kristen Schaal should get her own series. Many of us first met her as Bret and Jemaine's obsessive (and only) fan, Mel. This is the chance to see the rest of her life with Doug, after the Conchords were deported to New Zealand.
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April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

Do we really have to bid farewell to April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) after the show ends this year? That girl has a long career of deadpan looks ahead of her, and cameras should be there for all of it.
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Dot Com, 30 Rock

Tracy Morgan's sensitive bodyguard Dot Com (Kevin Brown) always gave us hints about his intellectual leanings. He should go back to school to earn a PhD in comparative literature, and take loyal 30 Rock fans along for the adventure.
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Martha Hanson, The Americans

We suspect things won't end well if/when Martha (Alison Wright) finds out she's actually married to an already-married KGB agent. In our fantasy world, she actually bounces back and becomes a killer spy herself. Take that, Clark!
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Brad Morris, How I Met Your Mother

Last we saw of Brad Morris (Joe Manganiello), he'd lost a Supreme Court election to Marshall, despite campaigning shirtless. Cheer up, buddy, you still look like Joe Manganiello. It's time for him to put his bro abbreviation skills to use as a Hollywood lawyer!
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Maggie & Carrie Mathison, Homeland

Here's another stretch: Maggie Mathison (Amy Hargreaves) managed to grow up and become a successful doctor and mother, while sister Carrie struggled with her bipolar disorder and became a CIA operative. What were those two like growing up together? Prequel, please. Though it won't quite be the same without James Rebhorn to play their father in flashbacks.
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Kirk Gleason, Gilmore Girls

In the realm of random characters we always wondered about, Kirk (Sean Gunn) has a solid place in our hearts. The man has had 15,000 jobs, by his own estimation.
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Cassandra July, Glee

Broadway has-been turned mean dance teacher Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) was a bit one-dimensional in her abuse of Rachel. Let's give her some depth and a comeback to work toward, letting those perky students fade into the background.
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Rayanne Graff, My So-Called Life

While Angela Chase (Claire Danes) stumbled through finding her identity much like the rest of us in our teen years, Rayanne (A.J. Langer) knew who she was right from the get-go and made Angela so much more interesting by association. She was a mess with substance-abuse and loyalty problems, so what does her adult life look like now?
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Kim Kelly, Freaks and Geeks

Sigh, what we wouldn't have given to see more of all the freaks and geeks as they grew up — though you could say every one of Judd Apatow's movies is really a sequel to this show. But, what ever happened to underachieving master sulker Kim Kelly (Busy Philipps)? Did she escape her dreary home life and make something of herself? Come to think of it, MSCL's Rayanne and Kim could probably be blended into one character for her own show.
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Brady, Lily, and Rose, Sex and the City

Carrie and company may just continue to mess up their love lives for us on the big screen until they reach the nursing home. And, we got a brief, CW-ified look at her high-school years with The Carrie Diaries. What TV might actually benefit from is a future spinoff about what life is like for Charlotte's daughters, Lily and Rose, and Miranda's son, Brady.
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Elena Tyler, Felicity

No matter how much we loved Felicity (Keri Russell), her sometimes wishy-washy, often impulsive behavior would have driven us up the wall if she didn't have grounded, whip-smart friends like Meghan (Amanda Foreman) and Elena (Tangi Miller). Much was made of how Elena escaped her deadly car crash thanks to Felicity's time travel in the series finale. Maybe there would have been weird, J.J. Abrams–ish space-time repercussions in a spinoff following Elena and fellow med student fiancé Tracy (Donald Faison) to Duke.
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Aaron Littleton, Lost

You could either say Claire's son Aaron, who is born on the island after the crash of Flight 815 and leaves it with Kate after his mother disappears with Jacob, led a blessed existence or had really crap luck, depending on how you view things. How will the rest of his life pan out?
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Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie, Veronica Mars

Dick has his own online spinoff show these days, but we have a more interesting one in mind. Veronica's computer-hacking friend Mac (Tina Majorino) was often the true, behind-the-scenes heroine of the day. With her skills, she would be a prime recruit for the CIA, and...run with that, Rob Thomas.
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Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood

The Southern vampire show suffered whenever it delved into too many of its bizarre characters' story lines, so we'd love to see how it fared with a spinoff focusing on just one: Bon Temps' most accessorized gay diner chef/medium Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), who certainly had many more adventures ahead of him after Sookie (Anna Paquin) got her happily ever after.
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Tony Sawicki, Orphan Black

The show's creators introduced trans* clone Tony in the middle of season 2. With only one episode (and an extra-strange makeout session with Sarah's foster brother), his backstory is mostly blank for us. How about we fill in his troubled past with a show all his own?
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Daisy Mason, Downton Abbey

Cook's assistant Daisy Mason (Sophie McShera) has always had a fierce independent streak that defies her servant surroundings. Now that she's been getting an education, we want to see her set off on her own in the big city and get some kind of fascinating career.
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Silas Botwin, Weeds

Hunter Parrish is busy on The Following these days, but there really can't be too much of him on the screen at any given time. With marijuana legalization sweeping through the country, Nancy Botwin's son Silas has a shot at a legit, successful life worth watching. Conrad could join him, too.
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Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

So, technically, Arya Stark is already one of the main characters of Game of Thrones. But, sometimes when watching the show or reading the book, we just wish all of the other characters would go away so we could concentrate on the young warrior and her Kill Bill–style quest to avenge her father's death.
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Jess Merriweather, Friday Night Lights

Rather than follow the Taylors to Philadelphia, our ideal FNL 2.0 would join budding football coach Jess Merriweather (Jurnee Smollett). As a woman of color, she would face a whole lot of obstacles in small-town Texas, making for more beautiful, heartbreaking battles to watch.
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Daya & Bennett, Orange Is the New Black

Let's say pregnant inmate Daya (Dascha Polanco) is released on parole before she has her baby. Let's say she and Bennett (Matt McGorry) move in together. These are the makings of a great sitcom, right?
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Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins, The Wire

Did recovering heroin addict Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins (Andre Royo) get a happy ending at the series' finale? He was at least set on the path of restoration. In his own show, he'd have to continue to rebuild his life, still surrounded by temptations, and maybe find some buddies he could help along the way, too.
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Oscar Martinez, The Office

After having an affair with Angela's husband and then asking Angela to move in with him, Oscar (Oscar Nuñez) proved to be a consistently multidimensional character through the very end. He was running for state Senate when we last left off: Could the Pennsylvania legislature be the next setting for an awkward workplace comedy?
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Kalinda Sharma, The Good Wife

Some have speculated that Archie Panjabi is leaving the show because Kalinda hasn't had much to do besides smolder in recent seasons. Let's see her put her talents to better use when she steps out on her own as a private investigator.
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