7 Tips For Dressing Your Home In Tropical (Not Cheesy!) Decor

With BBQs, pool parties, and breezy evening drinks filling your at-home entertaining agenda, summer is a great time to revamp your living space. We love the tropical flavor that Magic City brings, but sometimes getting that particular MIA ambiance in your home can result in one too many plastic flamingos and palm fronds. So, while adding color and regional decor is fun, any decor guru knows that without a sophisticated touch, it’s easy to lean more Buffett than beachy. To strike the right balance, we chatted up Jesse Brody of Circle Art At Home for tips and tricks on tropical decor that leave grandma-esque prints where they belong — with Nana.
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Tip 1: Miami is big on color and Art Deco design, so staying true to its aesthetic heritage will also help incorporate a bit of beach flavor into your home. This festive fabric can go on anything from couches to curtains to throws.

Zesti Art Deco Fabric, $18-$38 a yard, available at Spoonflower.
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Tip 2: Keeping things neutral is also key. With a white couch and tan throw pillows, you instantly create a sandy beach feel.

Pottery Barn Paper Crochet Pillow Covers, $29-$39, available at Pottery Barn.
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Tip 3: Of course, don't forget the outdoor living space, either. Brody explains that when looking for outdoor pieces, remember they need to be durable and able to stand up against the hot sun and rain, while also brightening the area. “A buyer should never be afraid to add a splash of color to their outdoor space to keep things tropical,” she says.

West Elm Layered Side Tables, $149, available at West Elm.
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Tip 4: Use blue accents, like a deep-blue wall or paintings with cool-colored hues. The tone will remind people of one of the chief reasons they love Miami: the ocean!

3rdAveShore Coco Crazy Wall Decor, $155, available at Etsy.
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Tip 5: Go green, or go home! “An easy way to add tropical decor to any home is by adding foliage to a room,” says Brody. “Plants add a sense of peacefulness and serenity that helps keep a home fresh and modern.”

IKEA Fridfull Basket, $4.99, available at IKEA, 151 NW 136th Avenue; 954-838-9292.
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Tip 6: Showcase coral reef or natural aquatic elements — but ditch the tired seashells. Locally found items can be placed on coffee tables and wooden chairs to make the overall look very beach-y. Of course, the backdrop of a stunning ocean view doesn’t hurt either.

Palecek Coral Blue Broach, $206, available at Outer Banks Trading Group.
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Tip 7: Finally, don't forget to have fun and show off your municipal pride! Miami is all about being bright and bold, so keep things vibrant and youthful!

PAWsFABRIK Miami Beach Print, $121, shoppawsfabrik.dk.