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14 Sunny Places You'll Want To Visit Now

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    We’ll be honest. It was nice to finally have a legit reason to wear those shearling-lined snow boots we couldn’t resist buying months ago. And, it definitely doesn’t suck that there’s no chance we’ll be getting sick any time soon because of all the healthy soups we’ve been slurping. But, we’re done with winter. We get it. It’s cold. It’s crazy cold. It’s record-breaking, please-don’t-make-me-have-to-use-the-word-polar-vortex-ever-again cold.

    But, since this freeze doesn’t seem like it’s going away in the near future, instead of curling up in our bed and pretending we’re not terrified of another snowmageddon, we’ve decided to do something about it. We’re boycotting winter. And, we think you should, too. Ahead, you'll find 14 of the hottest destination resorts where you can make your great escape right now. Bon voyage!

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