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16 Finds That Feel So Spring But Will Still Keep You Warm

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    One of the most annoying things about winter has got to be how long it takes for the season to end. You'll have one warm-ish, sunny day when you think it almost feels — even smells! — like spring, and then BAM! The next day, you're right back to being unable to feel your hands in the frigid temperatures and wondering why you didn’t throw an extra sweater in your bag.

    This kind of fluctuating weather can make it fairly difficult for us all to get dressed in the morning. You're tired of the same dark, sad winter clothes you've been sporting all season. You want to wear pastels! You want to rock florals! But, you also don't want to freeze your you-know-what off when Mother Nature decides to throw another week of flurries our way. Enter the happy medium: clothes that give off that spring vibe but will keep you toasty at the same time. They're colorful yet cozy and totally perfect for those times spent waiting for those consistent, pleasant temperatures. And, we like to think the 16 finds ahead will even help speed up the warm weather's arrival — wishful thinking works sometimes, right?

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