Tokyo Street Style Goes Traditional, With A Twist

Fashion keeps our hearts racing, but it's not just for the of-the-moment newness. It's also in part to the looong history of styles that still make our jaws drop. Case meets point on the streets on Tokyo, where we snapped up some of the coolest 21st century style stars rocking traditional clothing.
Capturing images of kimono called yukata, block-like sandals known as geta, and small coordinating carrying bags called kinchaku, these snaps were taken over the summer months when many festivals take place. But, like the rest of the street style we've witnessed in Japan, these outfits were anything but ordinary. Each person put their own twist on tradition — we're talking colorful locks, whimsical graphics, and statement accessories.
In case you're wondering where to score an ensemble like this for yourself, well, you may have to book a trip to Tokyo where yukata are sold in small boutiques, as well as in better-known street stores, such as Uniqlo. (Or, of course, we're sure a little eBay hunting may bring you some success.) Click ahead to take a look at all the inspired modern-day takes on a slice of Japanese fashion history.
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We're kind of in love with Ana's oversized-flower pattern.
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Bag stalking! Yumi's adorable, coordinating handbag completes this office worker's look perfectly.
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Aran, a barista, is donning a Jinbei — another wonderful piece of traditional Japanese garb.
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Fumie is a hairstylist, but we could have guessed that by her perfectly swirled ponytail.
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Marketing assistant Sachiko's getup is the cat's pajamas. Or, maybe the cat's yukata?
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Being a shop assistant may be Yuto's day job, but this pose suggests he's got some real modeling chops.
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Hiromi, a student, matches her locks to her yukata. Clever!