Tommy Ton and Tavi for Vogue Paris, Armani Makes Chocolate, And Gisele is Back at Work!


tavi-tommy-ton-vogue-parisTommy Ton shot Tavi at her home for Vogue Paris! Our little blogger hearts are aflutter. (Jak & Jil)

Proving that she is no mere mortal, Gisele Bündchen is back to work, only a month and a half after birthing Tom Brady's bundle of joy. (Modelinia)

In our wildest dreams, we would we gifted with a Chanel Jumbo Classic for Valentine's Day and ... Armani Chocolate. (The Thread)

Apple only just unveiled their unfortunately-named e-reader iPad, and we're already dreaming about ways to clothe it in something fashionable. (Fashionista)

Eniko Mihalik, the nubile and oft-nude model, loves Hannah Montana and considers a teddy bear named Bubu her prized posession. Anyone sense a disconnect? (W Editor's Blog)

Just when you thought America's Next Top Model only serves to boost Tyra's career, one of the winners lands an actual campaign. With McQueen, no less. (The Frisky)