Snapshots From Our Very Green Tokyo Trip, A Photo Diary

Earlier in the summer, we took a short but very sweet jaunt across the globe, to spend three days in Tokyo, seeing the sights, indulging in some very fancy, Michelin-starred meals, and drinking a lot of entirely delicious Champagne, morning noon and night — all thanks to the launch of a beautiful new, limited-edition bottle of Perrier-Jouet's Belle Epoque Floral Edition wine (newly available in the U.S., in case you're looking to step up your bottle service game).
Tough life, we know. As expected, we had a pretty amazing trip, starting with cocktails atop Chanel and ending with a beautifully over-the-top event to celebrate the Champagne launch followed by a very cool trip to the greenery-filled studio of the artist who created the bottle design. Along the way, we snapped a ton of pics, and we're sharing them ahead. Try not to be too jealous.
Photo: Courtesy of Perrier-Jouet
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A white-gloved driver, with hands precisely at 10 and 2, taking us into the city.
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A glittering table at Alain Ducasse's Beige, above Chanel.
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Breakfast of champions.
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A row of Bonsai trees, at the stunning Happo-en garden. Some of these were over 500 years old.
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A mini lake filled with carp, outside of our new favorite tofu restaurant.
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The Asakusa Buddhist temple, located at the end of a very long street filled with vendors peddling gifts, candy, and a ton of other affordable touristy goodies. We totally succumbed and bought more than a few sets of very pretty chopsticks.
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So much plastic food for sale, everywhere.
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A closeup look at Tokyo Tower. Feels appropriate on a trip with French people.
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A return to Happo-en garden, for the evening's big unveiling of the new Champagne.
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With a great deal of fanfare, some very lovely Japanese models presented the floral art that inspired the upgraded Belle Epoque bottle design.
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A view of the room.
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Tabletop perfection.
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Makoto Azuma, an artist working in florals — and the man behind the new bottle design — at work in his studio.
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Floral art, in sketch form.
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So many lush, green plants, everywhere.
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A close-up look at some of the coolest plants in the room.
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Champagne (featuring the new design) and beekers. An interesting take on chemistry class, for sure.
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Perrier-Jouet's style director, seated on a sofa made of...astroturf, in the artist's studio.
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Also in Makoto's studio, an astroturf bicycle!