6 Products That’ll Give Your Eyes A MAJOR Boost

Maybe happy hour with your BFFs somehow lasted 'til last call. Or you and your S.O. were glued to another social media throwdown between two stars. No matter why you stayed up late (hey, we’re not judging), it happened. And now you have to deal with the inevitable dark circles, dry eyes, and puffy bags that appear the next day.

Since you can't hide in big sunglasses all day, we've got six fast-working beauty essentials and quick tips to make sure that what happened last night doesn't make you look like a zombie. From makeup staples like Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Concealer to skin-care treatments like brightening masks and fermented serums, these picks will help you get away with all of your late-night shenanigans until you can catch up on your beauty sleep. We'll see you at the bar — first round's on us.
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About last night: Dull skin from jet lag after a long business trip

The fix:
Brightening eye masks

The last thing you need on a day of playing catch-up is dry, tired-looking eyes. That's where eye masks come in handy. These crescent-shaped ones from Boscia fit like a glove under the eye area. And the hydrogel material adheres better than traditional cotton, ensuring the masks stay in place while hydrating and brightening dull skin. Stick them on as you're unpacking or putting in your expense report — multitasking for the win.
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About last night: Puffy bags from inhaling instant ramen

The fix:
Depuffing eye cream

Despite our every attempt to eat healthier, those overly salty noodles are just too delicious and convenient not to eat. Unfortunately, all that sodium also means that our body retains more water and fluids than usual, resulting in swollen under-eye bags the next day. This caffeine-infused eye cream from First Aid Beauty constricts blood vessels and tightens, while the metal tip soothes on contact. Extra credit: Stash the tube in the fridge for extra depuffing action.
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About last night: Dark circles from watching too many Snapchat stories. (Because what else are you going to talk to your work wife about?)

The fix:
Color-correcting concealer

Instead of a regular ol’ concealer, which can actually enhance the appearance of dark circles, try using a color-correcting concealer to really make them disappear. Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Concealer (an extension of its cult-favorite Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation) has a lineup of 10 shades with different undertones meant to neutralize or brighten dark circles, depending on your needs. Pick one with peach undertones to neutralize major dark or purple circles, or reach for one with yellow-based tones for overall brightening. Just remember to use your ring finger as you're applying — it has the lightest touch, so you're not putting extra pressure on your delicate eye area.
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About last night: Leftover eye makeup that your p.m. cleanser missed

The fix: Brightening micellar water

We never (okay, maybe it’s more like rarely) sleep with our makeup on. But sometimes, exhaustion trumps our multi-step nighttime routine and we flop into bed with a clean-but-not-really face. For a quick way to remove lingering mascara or eyeliner residue the next morning, just run a cotton swab dipped in micellar water around your lashline. This formula from Boots not only cleans up stubborn makeup in a flash, it also gently brightens the eye area. Make sure you're rolling the cotton swab, not pulling, so you don't irritate the delicate skin around your eyes.
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About last night: Tiny lines from squinting in front of your computer

The Fix: Fermented eye serum

Serums tend to have a thinner, almost water-like consistency, which allows them to deliver active ingredients to your skin faster than a heavy eye cream. This treatment from SK-II is made with Pitera, the byproduct of fermenting a type of yeast, which can help smooth out fine lines. The elegant texture coupled with a fast-acting formula makes this bottle worth investing in. Hey, you never know when the next Twitter throwdown's going to happen.
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About last night: Tired eyes after a six-hour "happy hour"

The fix:
Eyelash curler

While the creams and serums work their magic, you can wake up your eyes by lifting droopy lashes. This cult-fave from Kevyn Aucoin has a red curling pad that makes it easy to see where your lashes and eyelids are before you clamp down — say good-bye to pinched lids. For maximum lift, try our double-curl method: Place the pad close to the roots, and gently pump a few times. Then move the curler to the ends of your lashes to pump again. This method gives your fringe an extra eye-opening boost.