10 Striking Travel Photos That Will Inspire Your Next Vacation

Photo: Courtesy of @jen_trahan.
There are plenty of good reasons to take a once-in-a-lifetime vacation: It can give you a fresh perspective, introduce you to new cultures, and inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone. But perhaps the best reason is the potential for truly epic fodder for your Instagram feed.

Earlier this month, our friends at Tiny Atlas Quarterly hosted a photo show at The Montauk Beach House featuring a gorgeous collection of images handpicked by a panel of guest judges that included Refinery29’s creative director Piera Geraldi and executive director of photography Brenda Milis, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, and 20X200 founder Jen Bekman. Click through our slideshow to visit some of the world's most photogenic locales and get the fascinating back stories behind the incredible shots.
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Photo: Courtesy of @jen_trahan.
"Three friends and I were traveling from L.A. to Utah and found ourselves driving down a long bumpy road that ended at Toquerville Falls right outside of Zion. We were lucky enough to be the only ones there to enjoy them!" — Jennifer Trahan
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Photo: Courtesy of @queenbeesanders.
"This photo was taken last month when I was in Australia. My daughter Roux and I went up into the Blue Mountains to explore for the day, and it was incredible — almost on a scale of Grand Canyon breathtaking. Eucalyptus trees as far as the eye can see and dizzyingly high mountain overlooks with beautiful rock formations. This photo is a picture of one of the more famous formations called The Three Sisters." — Dominique Sanders
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Photo: Courtesy of @ashleycamper.
"The shot was taken at last light after a shoot for a local bikini brand called Posh Pua. The girls relaxed, and I grabbed the film camera for some B-rolls. We caught the last light of day on film shooting the lookbook — dusk and sea are a beautiful combo." — Ashley Camper
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Photo: Courtesy of @jeromegalland.
"I took this photo last summer in Copenhagen. It’s a public square in the Nørrebro district made by an art group called Superflex." — Jerome Galland
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Photo: Courtesy of @jstersurf.
"This image is of my friends Mike and Ruby taken at the Dirt Lot in Montauk. I had previously photographed Mike and his siblings when he was a kid back in 2007. When I ran into his dad recently, I suggested we make a tintype of them both. Somehow the planets aligned and we were able to bring together this beautiful couple, their friend, and the dog in one image!" — Joni Sternbach
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Photo: Courtesy of @rachelweider.
"This image was taken at 7 a.m. on an August morning in Menorca. This really captured a moment of peace as it looks like a very relaxed cove, but has recently become overcrowded after being featured in several Spanish commercial ads!" — Rachel Weider
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Photo: Courtesy of @ameliaclaudia.
"They arose on the horizon with a peculiar geometric command, matching my visions from earliest childhood. The bold lines, the dominating scale, the asymmetrical balance all pleaded greatness enough on a strictly formal basis. But there was also the stuff that makes a moment poetry: the desert wind whipping graciously across our faces; the sand in our shoes; the metallic taste of the iffy water we were sharing dried to our lips. You know, the things you can't get from the postcard." — Amelia Claudia Hammon
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Photo: Courtesy of @_nata_.
"Weekend mornings are the most joyful to visit Bondi Icebergs." — Natalia Horinkova
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Photo: Courtesy of @aquinnm.
"I was traveling on a ship visiting the Antarctic wilderness when we were sailing by a seemingly quiet and flat glacier face. Suddenly, the weather changed (as it so often does in Antarctica) and the clouds broke, revealing these brooding frozen mountains, towering above the distant emptiness. Antarctica delivers such beautiful and diverse landscapes unlike any other place in the world while also demanding deep respect. As we continued our sail, the weather shifted, and the mountains disappeared yet again, until next time." — Allison McCarthy
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Photo: Courtesy of @aminanissen.
"I went with my family to Turkey this summer. This particular day, we took a long bus ride to a beautiful place on the Anatolian plains called Pamukkale where there is a huge theater among other ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis in Pamukkale. When I stepped inside the theater, this tiny, beautiful woman stood there posing, while her friend took pictures of her. I saw that red in all the cream-colored stone and knew that I had to get a photo. I took a few shots and she was so graceful as she sat there, at one point she also lifted the red scarf and waved it. We had eye contact for brief moment and then she left with her friend." — Amina Nissen