Where To Find Cool Brands No One Else Will Have

One of the best things about traveling is discovering new brands and designers you'd never find without hitting the ground.

But what if we told you it was possible to discover those under-the-radar international items from the comfort of your couch? Enter: Tictail, an online community of the world's best independent labels. It's filled to the brim with ready-to-wear, accessories, home goods, furniture, art, baby clothes — you name it.

We're narrowing in on some of the best fashion we found on our hours spent digging through the site. Ahead, 13 international (and home-grown) designers worth knowing. Click through to familiarize yourself with the cool companies no one else has heard of...yet.
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The Brand: Jennie-Ellen
The Country: Sweden
What We're Buying: Platform sneakers and booties for days.

Jennie-Ellen BAE Sneaker, $135, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Over All
The Country: Germany
What We're Buying: All things one-pieced.

Over All No. 18, $284, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Solid State
The Country: United States
What We're Buying: Unique leather goods and stylish flats.

Solid State Soledad Fanny Pouch, $150, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Heinui
The Country: Spain
What We're Buying: Ruffled or printed throw-on-and-go dresses.

Heinui Henry Dress, $131, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Selva + Negra
The Country: United States
What We're Buying: Loud prints and color-blocked summer staples.

Selva + Negra Arizona Top, $180, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Le Stockholmsyndrome
The Country: France
What We're Buying: Flattering, vintage-style swimsuits.

Le Stockholmsyndrome Stripe Print Swimsuit, $103, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: We Bandits
The Country: Austria
What We're Buying: Fun socks and minimalist basics.

We Bandits Bonne Maison Cobalt Blue Dancer Socks, $21, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Wray Collection
The Country: United States
What We're Buying: Artful silk pieces.

Wray Collection Saturn Dress, $179, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Desiree Klein
The Country: United States by way of Berlin
What We're Buying: Intricate-yet-wearable linen separates.

Desiree Klein Thiess Top, $96, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Jeonga Choi
The Country: Germany
What We're Buying: Statement-making hats and headpieces.

Jeonga Choi Liberty Boater, $251, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Habey
The Country: Spain
What We're Buying: Contemporary separates at an affordable price point.

Habey Striped Top, $55, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: The Wearwolf
The Country: United Kingdom
What We're Buying: Cheeky embroidered tees.

The Wearwolf "Girl Power" Tee, $36, available at Tictail.
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The Brand: Hopy Poppy
The Country: France
What We're Buying: Cropped outerwear and cutouts galore.

Hopy Poppy Cloudy Jumpsuit, $68, available at Tictail.

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