This Is Our Jam: Rewards, "Equal Dreams" (Featuring Solange Knowles)


As a founding member of Chairlift, Aaron Pfenning had the sort of wide-ranging musical success that few Brooklyn indie bands ever see, yet the extra-musical associations surrounding that band sometimes threatened to overshadow their nicely executed indiepop (see: iPod Nano commercial; Kanye West’s visual nod/rip-off). “Equal Dreams” is Pfenning’s new single under his post-Chairlift moniker Rewards, and is also the first Rewards track to be released on disco-punk mainstay DFA. The song is almost a complete departure from Pfenning’s work with Chairlifit, featuring a slinky house rhythm that fits nicely within DFA’s wheelhouse. “Equal Dreams” uses guest star Solange Knowles’ prominently and expertly, and she further proves that her indie-centric endeavors are the real deal. Her sultry vocals offer an effective counterpoint to Pfenning’s breathy desperate-sounding whisper/croon, and are integral to the track’s success. “Equal Dreams” is one of the more fun dance-floor jams of the summer, and a true testament to Pfenning’s versatility as a songwriter.

"Equal Dreams"

Equal Dreams (Feat. Solange Knowles) by DFA Records

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