These Men's Accessories Help Your Boy Bring His Style A-Game

Boys, the days of looking like you don't give a shit are over. And ladies, we don't know about you, but we threw a party when those tides changed (we also noticed ourselves staring at boys more often—whoops). We've got the boys over at Artfully Disheveled (Chicago locals, no less!) to thank, whose clever, unique prints are just ahead of you in our slideshow. We stole a moment with one of the three co-owners of A.D., Michael Palmer, who chatted us up on Artfully Disheveled and why your man's collection is incomplete without it.
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1. What inspired you to start Artfully Disheveled?
"A desire to create something of our own that valued the principals of style we embrace, and to prove that style can be born anywhere. Too often, style and fashion are used interchangeably. For us, style is more timeless, more purposeful, and about understanding how to carry yourself in different situations. Style has substance and this means storytelling. Garments can help you say something about yourself, help you reflect on something important to you. We want to spread style and provoke men to be more considerate in how they dress and how they act."
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2. What style advice are Chicago guys most in need of?
"There is a time and place for T-shirts and even flip-flops, but that time and place is not when you are on a date or heading out on a Saturday night. A guy should have a deep enough wardrobe that allows him to dress appropriately for any occasion. This doesn't require a tremendous amount of money or time. Ensuring you have the basics—like a good pair of shoes, a versatile blazer, and a couple of simple fitted dress shirts—can go a long way in adding dimension to a closet full of casual items."
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3. What is your personal favorite from your own collection?
"We all have our own favorites. Chris loves the original Six Shooter because of its subtle hint of rebel attitude. Trey has really been embracing The Bootlegger, which is part of our new collection, Live Beyond the Boundary. From a distance it reads as 'traditional,' but after a person gets closer and does a double-take, they catch the playful interpretation of the moonshine jugs. I still love the bright color palette version of The Shoreditch. It has special meaning for me because of my time spent in the London neighborhood it was named after."
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4. What can we look forward to in future collections?
"In true A.D. style, every collection tells a story. Our first collection Beg, Borrow & Steal, speaks to the scrappy nature in which we pulled resources and fought our way through the learning process of starting our own line. The new collection Live Beyond the Boundaries is inspired by the pioneering spirit of early Americans as they shaped this land. Each collection—and each item moving forward—will continue to celebrate and share a story and a lesson. A scarf will be launching as part of this next collection, and other essential male accessories like weekend bags and umbrellas are on the horizon, too."
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5. Any advice for ladies buying your products for their men?
"We get asked a lot of these questions when we're out talking about A.D. The biggest piece of advice I can give, especially for girls who are trying to get their guy to make a style shift, is to take small steps. If it's a big deal for your guy to wear a tie in the first place, start with items that are simpler and perhaps a bit more traditional or 'safe.' In other words, don't jump straight into bright colors or bold patterns. Allow him time to work his way into the look, and allow him to express what works best for him. "