3 Of L.A.'s It Girls Show Us Their Cribs And Talk Theodora & Callum

Good news like Theodora & Callum's resort collection travels fast! The latest line of printed scarves, dresses, and tunics has already made its way around L.A. with a little help from some of our sunny city's chicest residents. From WeHo to the Palisades, back down to Venice, T&C enrolled Molly McQueen, Kate Brien, and Sasha Spielberg to flaunt the latest offerings, all while sitting pretty in their own abodes.
McQueen (granddaughter of Steve) opened up her posh pad and dished on her fave flicks and upcoming gigs. Meanwhile, Brien (assistant to a Vogue freelance stylist) got crafty and fashioned her scarf into a curve-hugging skirt. And, finally, Sasha Spielberg (yes, Steven's daughter) had a swinging time at her Palisades home, and gave us the scoop on her band's new album.
Go ahead! Take a gander at their gorgeous homes, and if you're itching to cop their style, visit Theodora & Callum for a slew of silky styles.
Photographed by Emily Knecht
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Molly McQueen

What do you do when you're not focusing on acting or modeling?
"Trying to be acting or modeling. I'm also a big fan of working out: l love cardio and interval training — mainly spinning — and pilates. Plus, I'm constantly reading and just began a little writing project of my own."

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Have you taken on any new acting roles?
"I just worked on a pilot for HBO called Hello Ladies. It's about a group of rather clueless guys trying to infiltrate the L.A. social scene — there's an amazingly talented group of people behind it. I'm also shooting a horror movie in New Orleans this October, and working on a comedy pilot with a group of friends."

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What's your favorite movie of all time?
"Is this ever an easy question to answer? I can't give just one, but some favorites include The Philadelphia Story, Manhattan, The Great Escape, Warrior, The 40 Year Old Virgin, City Of God, My Left Foot, and many more!"

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What are some WeHo spots you love to visit in your free time?
"The hottest spot of all is the coffee shop on my corner, Ed's. Seriously, it's my favorite! They close whenever they want to, and aren't open most days, but it's the best if you can catch them. I also enjoy bld, Toast, Matsuhisa, Dominick's, Soho House, Sunset Marquis, my backyard, and Erewhon Market for everything else!"

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What items in your closet are in regular rotation?
"I live in boots because I'm a monster in heels. The stilettos only come out once in a while! I love items that are easy like long skirts, jeans, and leather jackets. Like everyone, I have those few coveted flea-market finds that make an outfit, and I love my jewels!"

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Sasha Spielberg

What's your go-to performance outfit?
"It's all about the vest. I think wearing a white blouse with a vest and high-waisted shorts is very classic. I wore my friend's Victorian white-lace dress once with ankle boots, and then for the PS1 MoMA event I wore all black with a red faux-fur vest and high shoes. It really depends on my mood!"

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You formed your band, Wardell, with your brother. What does the album sound like, and where did you draw inspiration from?
"Our first album will hopefully sound like we know what we're doing. We draw from shared experiences — we are siblings after all, and we shared a bedroom wall! Because of this, I would hear music coming from his room, and he would hear music coming from mine. So, it almost was as though our different tastes in sound over the span of six years blended together, and we ultimately got Wardell. We're inspired by everything from Fleetwood Mac to Mariah Carey."

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What do you love most about living in the Palisades?
"It's nice to be by the ocean and the mountains. Plus, it's great to be somewhere that's ten degrees cooler than the rest of the city!"

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You filmed a music video with Zooey Deschanel — any other dream performers you'd love to record a duet with?
"The 2Pac hologram."

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Any musicians you look up to in terms of style?
"Beethoven — getting that hair must've taken hours! But really, Erik Satie."

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Kate Brien

Did you learn anything while working under Kate Young?
"Working for Kate was such an amazing experience — I started interning for her when I was 19-years-old and she really taught me so much about the fashion industry. I would say the most important thing I learned from her, though, is that as much as styling is a full-time job, it's just that — a job. She has a great sense of perspective and a real balance of work and family, which I find truly inspiring."

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Who would be your dream celebrity to style?
"I would have to say Elle Fanning would be at the top of my list — she has such a unique sense of personal style and isn't afraid to take risks. It's great working with someone who knows what they want and can collaborate in the styling process."

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You were a design intern with Alexander Wang and Jenni Kayne, and also received your A.A.S degree in fashion design from the New School. Is fashion design something you would like to pursue in the future?
"I would definitely like to pursue design in the future — I think that working as a stylist, the two are definitely complimentary and it helps to have experience in design when styling, and vice versa. I have been thinking about doing a small capsule collection for some time now, so we'll see what happens!"

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What are three fall fashion essentials every L.A. gal should own?
"The perfect pair of jeans — my favorites are vintage Levi's 501s and a Golden Goose pair. You should also have a cable-knit crew neck sweater (Jenni Kayne's are the best!), and equestrian ankle boots — Acne has an amazing pair that are definitely on my fall wish list."

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What do you love most about living in Venice? And can you list your favorite neighborhood haunts?
"After living in New York for seven years, I can't imagine moving back to L.A. and not living near the beach! I love living in a neighborhood where I can walk everywhere and don't have to get in my car all weekend long. My favorite spots in Venice are Mona Moore for shoes and accessories, Tortoise for Japanese art and homewares, Intelligentsia for coffee, Superba Snack Bar for homemade pasta, Axe for fresh, local fare, and The Dailey Method for my daily workout."

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