Are These The New Silly Bandz? The Webster Thinks So!

Bright colors and high design practically make up Miami's DNA, even if such gorgeous luxury usually comes with a price meant for the one-percenters. Fortunately for those of us who can't splurge on Louboutins on 40th on the reg, The Webster is offering a forward-thinking new (and local!) jeweler for only a Jefferson. Uno Magnetic by Luis Pons offers interactive and neon colored jewelry that can be made into stackable bracelets, necklaces, and rings — like Bucky Balls for your bling. The jewelry itself is metal and magnetic, meaning it can be combined or wrapped with itself, bunched or braided with others, and worn in as many (or few) colors as you want.
The idea behind the line is that there is no "right way" to wear Uno, which is why it comes in so many colors (lime green, sunflower yellow, aqua blue). Inspired by working in Miami, Pons wanted to create a product that is as diverse as the city in which he lives. So finally we can head into The Webster and get something that won't mean we can't eat out for the next three weeks — and it's made by a local, too! Click through to see the amazing ways Luis suggests wearing his creations. Available at The Webster, 1220 Collins Avenue, 305-673-5548.
Photos: Courtesy of Uno Magnetic by Luis Pons