The Ultimate Chicago Shopping Cheat-Sheet

While spending a day shopping for the perfect new shoe, dress, accessory, etc. totally sounds like fun, it's also a huge time-suck that might not deliver the goods. If you're too busy, too lazy, or too torn to pick the perfect Chicago shop for what you're after, we can help. Read on to discover Chi-Town shopping, totally deconstructed and decoded. From perfect basics to super-specific shopping needs, we've come up with a cheat-sheet to help max-out your shopping time way before your credit card. Thanks to our guide, you'll have plenty of free time to spend relaxing, rejuvenating, and reading Refinery29. See how smart we are?
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p.45: Best place to discover new brands.

p.45, 1643 North Damen Avenue (between Wabansia and North avenues); 773-862-4523.
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Penelope's: Best place for basics that are actually cute.

Penelope’s, 1913 West Division Street (between Winchester and Wolcott avenues); 773-395-2351.
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Bravco: Best place to binge on beauty products.

Bravco, 43 East Oak Street (between North Rush Street and North Michigan Avenue); 312-943-4305.
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Threadless: Best (and comfiest) way to show your love for indie artists.

Threadless, 3011 North Broadway Street (between West Wellington and West Barry Avenues); 773-525-8640.
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Lori's: The best place to buy shoes. Period.

Lori’s, 824 West Armitage Avenue (at North Dayton Street); 773-281-5655.
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Perchance: Best place to find a first date outfit.

Perchance, 3512 North Southport Avenue (at Addison Street); 773-244-1300.
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Cynthia Rowley: Best place to score a look you spotted on a runway.

Cynthia Rowley, 1653 North Damen Avenue (at West Wabansia Avenue); 773-276-9209.
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Wolfbait & B-girls: Best place to shop local and handmade.

Wolfbait & B-Girls, 3131 West Logan Boulevard (between North Milwaukee Avenue and North Kedzie Boulevard); 312-698-8685.
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Knee Deep: Best affordable vintage in the city.

Knee Deep Vintage, 1425 West 18th Street (at South Bishop Street); 312-850-2510.
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Bella Bridesmaid: Best place to find traditional bridesmaid dresses.

Bella Bridesmaid, 8 East Chestnut Street (between State Street and Wabash Avenue); 312-943-0344.
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Eskell: Best place to find non-traditional bridesmaid dresses.

Eskell, 1509 North Millwaukee Avenue (at Honore Street); 773-486-0830.
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Balani Custom Clothiers: Best custom menswear for those who don't want to blow their wad.

Balani Custom, 55 West Monroe Street (between Wabash Avenue and Michigan Avenue); 312-263-9003.
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Sofia: Best place to pretend the entire store is your closet.

Sofia, 72 East Oak Street (just West of Lake Shore Drive); 312-0640-0878.

Photo by Kyle LaMere.
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AllSaints: Best place to get a dress that will make your friends jealous.

AllSaints, 700 North Michigan Avenue (between Huron and Superior streets; 312-283-0400.
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Room Service: Best place to find a vintage chair that will make your Grandmother jealous.

Room Service, 5438 North Clark Street (at West Rascher Avenue); 773-878-5441.
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Grow: Best place to shop eco-smart for baby.

Grow, 1943 West Division (at Damon Avenue); 773-489-0009.
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Una Mae's: Best fool-proof place to let your boyfriend shop alone.

Una Maes, 1528 North Milwaukee Avenue # 1 (at Honore Street); 773-276-7002.
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Dovetail Chicago: Best secret source for vintage men’s accessories.

Dovetail Chicago, 1452 West Chicago Ave (between North Greenview Avenue and North Bishop Street); 312-243-3100.
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Bonnie & Clyde's: Best place to profess your love for Rick Owens.

Bonnie and Clyde’s, 1751 West Division Street (between Hermitage and Wood Street); 773-235-2680.
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Fix: Best place to shop for outwear (when the time comes).

Fix, 1101 West Fulton Market Street (at Aberdeen Street); 312-226-4565.
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Labrabbit Optics: Best place to put a new prescription in a vintage frame.

Labrabbit Optics, 1104 North Ashland Avenue (between Thomas Street and Haddon Avenue); 773-957-4733.

Photo by Amy Creyer.
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Sprout Home: Best place to buy a housewarming gift (for you or someone else).

Sprout Home, 745 North Damen Avenue (between Lee Place and Superior Street); 312-226-5950.
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eDrop-Off: Best boutique that only exists on the internet.

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Sarca: Best place to blow your inheritance on shoes.

Sarca, 710 North Wabash Avenue (at Huron Street); 312-255-0900.
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Haberdash: Best place to buy luxury accessories for the man in your life.

Haberdash, 1350 North Wells Street; 312-440-1300.
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Post 27: Best place for furniture. Period.

Post 27, 1819 West Grand Avenue (between Wolcott Avenue and Wood Street); 312-829-6122.
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L.K. Bennett: The best place to dress like a princess.

L.K. Bennett, 900 North Michigan Avenue (at East Walton Street); 312-374-0958.
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Akira: Best place to find a perfect outfit in an emergency.

Akira, 1837 West North Avenue (between Honore and Elk Grove Avenue); 773-772-5414.
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Morlen Sinoway Atelier: Best way to fill your home with functional art.

Morlen Sinoway Atelier, 1052 West Fulton Market; 312-432-0100.
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Topshop: Best soon-to-be madhouse.

Topshop: 830 North Michigan Avenue (at Chestnut Street). Opening this fall.