The Tackiest Sex And The City Products

No matter who you are, where you're from, or if you've got two X chromosomes or just one, chances are you've probably heard about the imminent release of Sex and the City 2 . And while it's one thing to rally up the girls to attend a boozy midnight viewing, it's another thing to buy a Carrie nameplate necklace when you're clearly not The Bradshaw. Just in time for the premiere of Sex and the City 2, we rounded up some of the tackiest promotional products on the market. From pink-frosted martini glasses with etched-in names to a garment bag emblazoned with a "famous quote" from the show, these products are so tacky that even Carrie Bradshaw would squirm (yeah, we went there).
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These are guaranteed to be the back-up wine glasses you're going to be too embarrassed to pull out when your nice ones break.
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SATC-branded shoe and garment bags. "I like my money right where I can see it." You mean, "Down the drain?"
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Channel your favorite fictional character while completely confusing everyone else by telling them your name isn't actually Samantha.
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The quickest way to becoming "That Girl" without even having to open your mouth!
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Being forced to choose between these shoes would be like the opposite of Sophie's Choice.
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Do you wear the Carrie on Hairy Mondays? The Samantha on Slutty Saturdays? How will you ever decide?
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This app lets you name, tag and catalog photos of your clothes and then create outfits to send to all your friends (who you'll then promptly lose!).