The Sexiest Workouts In San Francisco

Yes, indeed, bikini season is right around the corner, ladies. To help get that seriously slammin' summer body, we've scoured this town for the steamiest workouts to whip your pretty bod into mint condition...and fast! From new school pole-dancing to latin-style burlesque, we shook, shimmied, swiveled, gyrated, and booty-bounced ourselves into a sweat, all while allowing our inner sex kitten a worthy workout, too. To liberate your inner Beyoncé, sign up for one of these four great classes. See you ladies in the front row!
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Cuban Rumba at Dance Mission
When it was first developed in the late 19th century, Cuban Rumba was condemned for being too sensual—so you know it’s got to be good! Hailing from Cuba, Dance Mission’s Rumba instructor Royland Lobato starts his classes off slow so newbies can learn the most basic movements. But rest assured, by the end of class you’ll be performing an entire sizzling routine. If you’re not picking up the combinations as quickly as some of the regulars, don’t fear. Royland provides individual attention where needed so you’re not flailing around solo.

Hot Tip: During Guaguancò, one type of Cuban Rumba, the dance portrays a couple in lust and movements should convey sexual tension. Meow!

Price: Drop-in classes are $12. Buy four classes for $44 or ten classes for $100.

Dance Mission, 3316 24th Street (at Mission Street); 415-826-4441.
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Pole Dancing at Crunch
Yes, there will be women here who are semi-ripped, wearing plastic stripper heels, booty shorts, and hanging upside-down with ease. Thankfully though, everyone is grouped by skill level so you’ll share a pole (and your embarrassment) with two other people as clueless, or flawless, as you are. For those who are naturals at all the twirling, twisting, and sliding, there’s an advanced class, Turning Tricks, that you can master next.

Hot Tip: Wear shorts instead of pants so your legs can actually grip the pole instead of slipping straight down. (Not that that happened to us...)

Price: $250 Crunch enrollment fee, plus monthly membership fees starting at $55. Get a free one-week membership here!

Visit for San Francisco locations.

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Burlesque at Hot Pink Feathers

“Where Carnaval meets Cabaret” is the tagline at Hot Pink Feathers, a latin-style burlesque troupe that is anything but old-school. Right alongside the burlesque-savvy and sequin-happy ladies from Carnaval San Francisco, beginners will not only get their spicy dance on, but also their laugh on, thanks to hilarious instructor Kellita Maloof. One of our favorite Kellita one-liners includes “One, two, three, four, assets, assets, hello, hello,” which is actually pretty informative once you’re in class.
Hot Tip: “It should feel as yummy as it looks.” Wise words from Kellita, who was crowned Queen of Carnaval S.F. in 2008.

Price: Drop-in classes are $20, annual membership is $199.

Hot Pink Feathers, 128 10th Street (at Minna Street); 415-225-7462.
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American Tribal Belly Dancing at FatChanceBellyDance
Sure, it’ll take some time to get used to keeping your upper body straight while simultaneously shimmying your butt and undulating your arms. Nevertheless, we think it’s a secret worth unlocking. (And we’re sure your partner would agree). Instructors and most participants dress the part, so we suggest arriving in a crop top and flowy maxi skirt. While drop-ins are always welcome, it’s wise to start with the first session of the season since those gyrations get harder each week.

Hot Tip: A “bump” is the same thing as a “choo-choo”. You’ll thank us later. Trust.

Price: Drop-in classes are $10. Buy six classes for $48 or twelve classes for $90.

FatChanceBellyDance, 670 South Van Ness Avenue (between 17th and 18th streets); 415-431-4322.