The Renegade Craft Fair Was A Hoot–Literally

Over the weekend, Chicago took to unusually warm streets to soak up the remaining sunshine and street-fair goodness that comes along with the end of summer. The weekend also played host to the Rengade Craft Fair, Chicago's main resource for handmade wares from around the country that has historically proven to be fantastic for gift-giving and space-decorating, among other things. What we noticed at this Renegade Craft Fair more than any other, was the omnipresence of a certain flighty friend. Owls of all shapes, sizes, colors, and uses appeared at more Renegade booths than we could count, which was about the time we decided to start keeping track. While there were other winged friends of the forrest present at Renegade, none delighted our eyes as frequently as the owl, which appeared more often than seemed reasonable. Click though (and through) to see what we mean. But before we leave you to it, we ask you: What's with the owls? Are they a hoot, or is it time for a new Animal Kingdom pal to command cuteness?
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If you visited the Renegade Craft Fair over the weekend, chances are you saw this owl. And many more owls.
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Some owls were friendly.
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Then we spotted some wearable owls.
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Lots of wearable owls, actually.
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A rockin' owl.
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A tagalong owl.
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An owl with good manners.
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A print spotted at The Mincing Mockingbird.
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A onesie from Little Korboose that scored some serious awws.
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A polite tea towel owl by Lisa Price.
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A pretty little one from My Zoetrope.
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Hello, sir.
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Our buddy from Zooguu.
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A sweet ceramic from SODA by amy.
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He's looking at us.
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We love him.
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A happy couple.
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A festive owl.
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This inspires smiles.
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This inspires pillow fights.
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This guy.
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A woodland creature with teeth.
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A friend we made at Domestica.
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An owl to keep you on track.
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An owl we really wanted to take home with us.
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And another, by Sass & Peril.
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Don't forget him.
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And him, from Yee-Haw Letterpress & Design Company.
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And her.
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The mothership owl. Visit Renegade if you haven't had enough.