The New Creative Game Changers You Need To Know: Part 2

  • Who: Sunny Shokrae
    What: Photographer
    Why: If you don't follow Sunny on Tumblr, start now. This Iranian born photographer gives us daily motivation to take out our iPhone and snap the flannel- clad boy who shares our Mudd morning coffee run. In NYC by way of L.A. and Iran, Shokrae mixes digital with analog (she's got a lot of cameras) for shots of everything from her last trip to the desert to a cheery cocktail waitresses, all captured in a way that's raw and easy to connect with—a comfortable nostalgia that she's translated to work with Aloha Rag and Net-A-Porter, and publications like Fader and Vice. Back in '08, we called her a cyber It-girl of tomorrow. Now, it's today.
  • Who: Meghan Farrell
    What: Jewelry Designer
    Why: Who needs a psychiatrist when you have Meghan Farrell, whose jewelry line of the same name launched last year with a collection of pieces with medical references —a brain ring here, a neurology pendant there. Made of precious metals only, don't look for girly-girl glam in this Tribeca native's range, there's not a gem stone or a sparkly doodad in sight (why is probably why Binki Shapiro is a fan. Though her offerings are available at Opening Ceremony, we recommend digging deeper; Farrell serves up private consultations to build your own creation. Trust us, it's better than your shrink's couch.
  • Who: Erin Crandall
    What: Owner, "A Man and a Woman" store.
    Why: The former head buyer for ShopBop hasn't exactly given our credit-card a rest. Her West Village boutique, which Erin opened last year, "A Man and Woman," occupies prime retail space at the corner of Christopher and Gay streets, meaning dinner and drinks at Joseph Leonard are more dangerous than you'd think. Stocked with hard to find labels like Collette Ishiyama and Bassike, and more mainstream go-tos (Equipment, Patrik Ervell, Current/Elliot), if Anouk Aimée and Jean-Louis Trintignant, the stylish stars of the French film that shares the same name as Crandeall's space, could have couple-shopped here...that movie's ending would have been a lot less ambiguous.
  • Who: Kelsey Henderson
    What: Painter
    Why: We've got a platonic crush on this BK-based painter, which makes sense given that Henderson explores that very theme in a series of brutally honest nudes meant to capture an attraction to beauty that ignores sex and gender. Coupled with her stark portraits of strangers— slim hipsters in skinny ties or angst-ridden chicks in ripped jeans—Henderson, who received her B.F.A. in painting from RISD, has effectively started to rule the world artists like Jenny Saville and Lucien Freud revealed. Girl crush, indeed.
  • Who: Mia Moretti
    What: D.J.
    Why: There are D.J.s that plug in their iPhone to some speakers and look pretty by the bar (we won't name names), and then there are the spinners who actually have a monster stash of vinyl and turntables—and aren't afraid to use 'em. Case becomes point with Mia Moretti, who isn't just one of the beautiful girls that can't actually mix. Not that she's not a looker; the East Village gal with the consonance-blessed name gets party photogs snapping with her Chloe Sevigny- but-happy looks and Katy Perry meets Opening Ceremony style. Speaking of Katy Perry, this former Paper cover-girl scored a top 10 Billboard dance hit with her raucous remix of that singer's party anthem "Hot'N'Cold." Did we mention Moretti played at Chelsea Clinton's wedding? Now you know!

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