The Most Adorable Shop Dogs In San Francisco

No doubt about it, San Francisco is a dog-lovers' city. And not only are our pooches grinning wide as they run leash-less through our lovely parks, holding court curb-side at the trendiest restaurants, they’re also—and perhaps most adorably!—serving as official mascots for some of the best boutiques in town. To celebrate their utter heart-melting qualities, we documented a gaggle of shop pups in their natural (and terribly chic) environments. Of course, their owners got a little love, too. Click through our over-the-top cute slideshow, cue the awwwwwws, and be prepared to get over your just-back-from-vacation blues in a snap.
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Mr. Peanut, Shop Dog at Nooworks
Mr. Peanut, a Havachaweenie (Havanese Chihuahua Weiner dog, if you’re not up on your mixed breeds) is a mere eight months, but has garnered much recognition in his short life for baring a striking resemblance to the magical dragon dog Falcore from The Never Ending Story. The Nooworks shop dog is happiest snoozing on the store’s black leather chair or playing with any other pooch who’ll give him the time of day.
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Mr. Peanut snuggles up to his human, Nooworks shop gal Gwen Lutz.
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Who's the boss?
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Tiny Pants McGyllicuddy, Shop Dog at Gangs of San Francisco
A man of few words who’s often mistaken for a puppy despite his two years, Tiny Pants McGyllicuddy (seriously...) has only rallied the vocal chords in his fawn-like body to bark in the presence of owner Laureano Faedi just one time. Now the stuff of canine legend, Tiny's vow of silence duly earned him the nickname Monk. Just don’t expect him to cast off all worldly comforts. You’ll usually find this Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher mix basking in the sun on a cushy pile of old Pendleton blankets by the window at his Hayes Valley home base of Gangs of San Francisco, where he also has a nifty bed made out of a vintage suitcase and adorned with a picture of notorious San Franciscan Emperor Norton (look it up).
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We have to give Tiny Pants McGyllicuddy credit for his great taste in blankies.
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Pig and Violet, Shop Dogs at BellJar
Behind their seemingly tough Pit Bull exteriors, Pig and Violet are really just two sweet gals enjoying the good life. For her part, seven-year-old Pig enjoys soaking in the sunshine on sunny Mission days and making a fuss over the boys, something we hear she may have picked up from her mom, BellJar owner Sasha Darling. By contrast, two-year-old Violet is happiest in the shop’s office, where she keeps a keen eye on the business’s bottom line. She also shows off her stellar sartorial taste quite often, stopping at nothing to sink her teeth into a good pair of expensive shoes.
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"How can you resist, me?" says Violet.
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Just look at Pig's big 'ol eyes. Now try not to melt.
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Levi, Shop Dog at Benny Gold
They say every dog needs a job, and Levi takes his damn seriously. The official store greeter at Benny Gold, this three-year-old French Bulldog is on the clock day-in, day-out, making sure patrons are adequately welcomed. A small, but mighty presence, this pup pitches into the family business with an eager willingness to pose for pictures at a moment’s notice and tirelessly assists with the company’s key branding initiatives. In fact, his owner, designer Benny Gold, at times suspects this career-oriented canine may be even more popular than the brand itself.
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About to pounce...or just say "Welcome!"
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Buddy, Shop Dog at Unionmade
True to his name, Buddy the rescue Greyhound is a practiced companion and prefers to be within shadow distance of his people, Unionmade’s Todd Barket and Carl Chiara. (Some have even described his demeanor as bordering on clingy.) But after four years of hard labor on a racetrack in Arizona, this six-year-old adoptee has earned his favorite pastime: Relaxing on his bed behind the shop counter. As for his lean figure, it’s in the genes.
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Can Buddy's smile get wider? We think not.
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Mimi, Shop Dog at Eco Citizen
Stop by super-chic and eco-friendly boutique Eco Citizen to trade sustainable style secrets with Mimi, the Chihuahua that store owner Joslin Van Arsdale rescued from Just don’t be offended if she sticks out her tongue. She can’t help it, thanks to some pesky dental work in her past. Should you not see her in the shop, check the wine store next door, where she’s known to beg for food. In her leisure time, Mimi enjoys exotic travel, as her diminutive size allows, and romps at Crissy Field.
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Maggie Mae, Shop Dog at Homme
Maggie Mae brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “belly up.” That’s how you’re likely to find this eight-and-a-half-year-old Chihuahua-Cavelier-King-Charles mix on your next visit to home decor shop Homme. While the pretty pup is best known for requesting belly rubs in the aforementioned position and lazing the day away in the afternoon sun, she’s no slouch. Seven-mile hikes in Marin with her favorite human, Michelle Homme, are part of her regular routine for staying sleek and fit.
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Michelle Homme shows off her uber-adorbs pooch.
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Luna, Shop Dog (and Namesake!) at Luna Boutique
For evidence that true passion still exists, visit Luna and her namesake Presidio Heights boutique, where this Pit Bull-Cattle Dog mix lays plain her love for spherical objects by showing off her beloved ball and angling for impromptu games of fetch in the store’s back garden. Coming soon, a line of canvas tote bags featuring Luna and her ever-present ball, illustrated by Faiella Design of Watercolor Marketplace, will be available in the boutique. Shoppers who purchase and use their totes at the store will save 5 percent.
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Ruby, Shop Dog at Marmalade
Turtle rolls, duck dives, and a three-part, action-packed number known simply as “shame” are just a few of the tricks four-year-old Boston terrier Ruby (aka Roo) can perform, but you’re most likely to spot her sneaking under the dressing room curtains at Marmalade boutique. An active, outdoorsy girl at heart, Ruby’s often spotted on the beach watching mom, Hope Colling, surf and trotting to visit members of her sizeable fan base in neighboring Cow Hollow stores.
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Ruby plays Where's Waldo?
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Ruby taking her guard dog duties very seriously.
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Tenoch, Shop Dog at Wonderland
A curious fellow by nature, Tenoch is known for surprise investigations of the dressing room at Wonderland, where owner Irene Hernandez-Feiks brings him to hang out almost every day of the week. Also an avid art lover, this four-year-old Golden Retriever is usually found relaxing in the venue’s gallery space. If he barks, here’s a hint: He won’t stop until you pet him.
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Tenoch and Irene discuss the newest work in the in-store exhibit.
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Maile, Shop Dog at Two Birds
Though she’s in her forties (in dog years), Maile “Moo” stays in touch with her youthful side by kickin’ it in the lofted back area of Noe Valley’s Two Birds. This perch allows her to survey her stylish domain, offer up wardrobe advice, and keep an eye on her figure in the three-way mirror. You can kick it with her in the store every Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. But be forewarned, says mom Audrey Yang: Maile may be a dog, but she sounds like a cross between a pig and a cow.
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Who wants a stare-down?
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Dr. Indiana Jones, Shop Dog at San Francisco Surf Company
Dr. Indiana Jones (“Indy” to friends and confidants) will tell you there’s nothing tastier than a nice leather office chair, especially the one at San Francisco Surf Company, where his human companion Cyrus Saatsaz runs the show. A friendly soul with a handsome mug that’s landed him his own line of t-shirts at the store, this two-and-a-half-year-old English Bulldog-Boxer mix excels at playing on the beach and sleeping with Rip Van Winkle-esque skill.