First Look! Four Barrel's Spin-Off The Mill Is Open & Gorgeous

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    While the rest of the world may be celebrating today with heart-shaped cutouts and gorging on chocolate galore, we, on the other hand, are jumping for joy about a much-lauded S.F. opening. The anticipated — seriously, we’ve been on the edge of our seats for months — arrival of The Mill, the spanking-new Divisadero Street bakery-slash-café from the fine folks of Four Barrel and Josey The Baker is finally here. Talk about a sweet V-Day treat, right? The expansive new spot clocks in at 2,500 square-feet and boasts a very airy, home-kitchen-like interior with original woodwork and shelving by Alex Palecko, plus sleek tile floors and walls.

    “We were inspired to do coffee in a completely new setting — unique from Four Barrel, a place where we could introduce new ideas,” says partner Laura Seymour. “We wanted the physical space to feel comfortable, a bit like sitting around your own kitchen table, but elevate the experience by keeping the aesthetics clean, minimalistic, and organized. We chose lighter-colored materials so that they would always look good, even if they were covered in flour!”

    Although this new endeavor differs greatly from the Four Barrel scene (it has tea!), some things will never change. There is no Wi-Fi or outlets to be found, so don’t even think about holing up too long! And while we are smitten with the new space (along with the rest of S.F.), we are excited for what’s ahead in The Mill’s future — a backyard patio, tasty toast options, and artwork are all in the pipeline. It’s only going to get better, guys! Take a look around the new space after the jump and then go grab a spot in line.

    The Mill, 736 Divisadero Street (between Grove and Fulton streets); 415-252-0800.

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