The Hottest Nails For Some Mani-Spiration

For some of us, it's become a regular ritual: Once a week, we sit down with a tall Pilsner and our line-up of polishes, and get our nails in tip-top shape (literally). Whatever the effect, shade, or art du jour, our nails reflect our ever-changing tastes, preferences, and obsessions. We're in good company, too, with tons of our friends, acquaintances, and random bump-ins sporting some pretty pro-manicures themselves. Clueless as to what you'll paint on your digits this week? Click through our slideshow for some very pretty paint jobs, indeed.
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Sachie Oki: "I love summer color and dots."

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Stella, Korean student: "I'm really into leopard and summer whites."

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Tracy Wang, Photographer.
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Nev Green, Police: “Police also want pretty nails. I want them to be flashy, girly, and different.“

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Laura Marcus, Writer: "These are courtesy of Ayumi Motegi from Valley! :)"
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Christie Craft, Editor: "These are my 'professional lady's answer to crazy nail art' nails. They're Calgel, and I got them done at Sakura. They were inspired by manicures seen at 3.1 Phillip Lim and Vena Cava spring '11 shows."

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Chika Akiyama, Receptionist at Sakura: “My mom knows my nails better than me. She is a nail technician and did the manicure for me at home."

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Chrissy Mahlmeister, Production Assistant MTV.
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Connie Wang, Editor: "I've been kind of exhausted after researching and doing so many Connie Cam videos. These OPI Shatter nails are high-impact but super-easy. I call 'em my lazy-day nails."
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Kayoko Tamaki: "These were inspired by Victoria’s Secret bags!"

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Yayoi Kosaka, Nail Technician at Sakura: "I just wanted to have my favorite silver glitter on my nails!"

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Lisa Eppich, Refinery29 Editorial Intern: "Blue cheap Ulta nail polish make for a pretty base for some birthday-party-confetti glitter."

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Etsuko Shimatani, Nail Technician at Sakura: "Summery stripes are really popular!"

Photo by Tracy Wang
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Lisa Dionisio, Editor: "I got a little nail-art-pen happy this weekend—a little DIY from Connie Cam, as well as some nail art inspiration from the Illustrated Nail!"
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Christy Kurtz, Photo Editor: "One day these pink and black triangles with polka dots caught my eye. I loved the color combination but thought they'd look better simplified."