1 Girl, 4 Looks: Peek Inside This Blog Beauty's Incredible Miami Closet!

Full disclosure: When Refinery29 first launched in Miami, we simply knew we had to get Annie Vazquez on our side. When it comes to Miami style, breaking fashion news, and coverage with just a hint of caliente, no one is more of an authority than this scribe. And nobody seems to be busier either; besides being a whip-smart R29 contributor, Annie helms her own blog, The Fashion Poet, in addition to hosting velvet-rope events like Fashion Bloggers Do It Better and this past weekend's ultra-popular District Factory pop-up.
On top of all that, she's a staunch, die-hard, and enthusiastic advocate of local Miami design, using her blog to promote the emerging brands she expertly spies. Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, Annie is absolutely gorgeous—a Cuban-American stunner whose blog proves again and again that our local aesthetic is part chispa, part gutsy gusto, and a whole lotta, erm, poetry.
Get the scoop on one of Miami's best-dressed gals, and find out how she keeps her finger on the fashion-forward pulse of the 305.
Photographed by Karla Garcia
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"Fashion writer, blogger, and stylist."

"Miami, born and raised."

Forever 21 pants and top; Haute Hippie striped throw; MIA shoes; Nordstrom straw bag; House of Harlow necklace and bangles; Danittza Zimic Ring, Tibetan prayer ring from Wynwood on the Green; No. 19 chain bracelet.

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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What are some trademarks of a true Miami blogger. Does hablas Espanol help?
"Knowing a second language always helps, especially in Miami, but for me, there are five key components that makes a true successful blogger:

1. Dress the part: If you're going to call yourself a fashion blogger and want to be taken seriously, it's important that you look stylish. People are paying attention to you 24-7. Trust me.
2. Support your fellow bloggers: Making it as a blogger also includes supporting one another and that means showing up to events. Besides, it's so much more fun to have friends that share your interests!
3. Attend fashion events: Get actively involved in Miami's fashion scene, whether that means going to a boutique trunkshow, runway show, or a simple presentation. Not only does attendance get your name out there, but the more people that come out help this city get more events."
4. Find your niche: Figure out what makes you special or stand out in fashion.
5. Have no fear: Believe in yourself and your blog. I was scared to start, but once I did it has been nothing but amazing opportunities, new friendships, and doing things I've dreamed of doing."

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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If you weren't blogging, what would you be doing with your time? If not Miami, where would you live?
"I'd be in New York, LA, or somewhere in Spain. I can't imagine my life without blogging at this point. I'd be spending my free time doing something else in fashion, like taking sewing classes and creating my own line, writing a book, or making a documentary. Those are three things I want to accomplish."

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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How did you first become interested in fashion? What was your first memory of loving clothing?
"I was raised by a really stylish mom. She was eclectic and experimental in her choices. I lived in and out of stores so it was inevitable that I got into fashion. My Aunt Daisy and Uncle Oscar gave me my first Louis Vuitton Speedy when I was five- years-old. It was such a great moment. The interest in clothing sparked when I was eight and I wanted to be Madonna. I remember going to J. Bryons with my mom and getting all the bracelets, the lace headbands, and gloves."

Ann Taylor flower dress, belt, necklace, bracelet, cuff, and clutch; Jeffrey Campbell spiked Litas.

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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What do you love the most about your MIA lifestyle?
"I love the weather, the beach, the palm trees, the melting pot of nationalities, driving by a Cuban restaurant and seeing people standing outside drinking coffee and talking. I love that, no matter what day it is, people here are partying and basking in life. I love the fact that I can walk into a store and people will start speaking Spanish to me instead of English. Some people complain that we live in America and everyone should speak English, but this city represents freedom like no other. Every single day, there's an influx of immigrants coming here for a better life. I'm Cuban-American, so this is very close to my heart. Aside from this, I love that our city is growing in art, fashion, and music. Wynwood and the Design District are my favorite."

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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Describe the style of The Fashion Poet:
People say I have a flower child and boho thing going on. I suppose that's my inner hippie peeking out. I love the late '60s and early '70s and I do have a lot of great pieces resembling that era in my wardrobe. But I'd say my style is definitely experimental and moody. I like to mix opposing prints together, match vintage with trendy pieces, and I love wearing ties."

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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What does Miami have that no other city can lay claim to?
"Miami is a world unto itself. That is why it's called The Magic City. We are the only city in America where you don't feel like you're in the United States."

Forever 21 crochet top, flower top, polka dot skirt, and flower pin; Steve Madden leopard-print shoes; Issac Mizhari orange purse.

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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Favorite place for a romantic date?
"Ha! I haven't had one of those in a long time... But, I'd have to say Miami Beach around 6 p.m., when it's empty and twilight has arrived. With a few stonecrabs from Joe's, a beer, a good playlist, and a guitar, I'm happy. A guy once asked me on a first date to a dog park with our dogs and I loved it. I'm not fancy. I'm really low-key."

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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What store can't you leave without actually buying something?
"It doesn't matter what store I go into, I always find something to buy. It's a gift! But probably Nordstroms since they have everything and a range of prices."

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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On Saturday afternoons, what could we find you doing?
"I'm really busy these days, organizing or hosting fashion events or shoots. Before, you'd find me on the beach reading a book or hanging out with friends."

BCBG python dress; Gucci clutch; suede taupe Litas; No 19 chain bracelet; Ross Simon snake ring.

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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When you want to get pampered, what do you do?
"The works. I love getting my hair and makeup done. Manicures and pedicures make me smile. I'll get my eyebrows threaded. Or a good facial: There's one called 'The Red Carpet Facial' at Coral Gables' Skintique that makes your skin look flawless. I love an amazing massage from either Bliss Spa or Elle Spa."

Photographed by Karla Garcia
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What is the scent or perfume you absolutely swear by?
"I love DVF and Violetas (a baby cologne Cubans put on their kids, but a lot of adults still wear). But if I want a guy to notice me, I wear Gucci Envy. It gives me the worst headache, but it works like a charm."

Photographed by Karla Garcia