The 5 Most Stylish Shop Girls And Boys In Miami

Thanks to that little thing we call the world wide web, we can online shop for just about anything we want at any time we want. As even more local boutiques set up e-commerce sites, swiping a credit card for hard-to-find Suno sundresses or Tabitha Simmons sandals doesn't require you to take those PJs off. But no online boutique, no matter how well designed, can compete with the energy of a buzzy brick-and-mortar. Besides standout architecture, crystals glasses of champagne (The Webster, we're talking to you), and, well, the psychical experience of seeing how something fits, it's the store employees that make non-virtual browsing so much better. To get you out of the house, we scouted Miami's five most fashionable, super-helpful, and just downright cool employees. Not only are we telling you where to find these chic kids, we got them to spill the stuff on all their style secrets. Maybe if you're extra nice, they'll let you in on that employee discount.
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Magdalena "Maggie" Gancheva
The Webster

What's She's Wearing:
Balenciaga skirt, YSL belt, Stella McCartney booties (all from The Webster); Gap white tank; vintage leather jacket.

Permanent wardrobe fixture: "Black skinny leather pants—I have a few pairs."

Spring must-have: "Bags and shoes in fun colors."

Favorite item in the store right now: "It's hard to choose, there's so many at The Webster, but I love the Balenciaga skirt I just bought and wore for this shoot."

Craziest on the job moment: "Stevie Wonder singing for us at The Webster."

What's on your wish list: " A blue '70s Rolex from our vintage watch collection."

The trend that needs to go away: "Trends are fun if we pick the ones that are flattering on us and wear them one at a time— not piled on all at once."

Earliest fashion memory: "When I was five-years old, convincing my mother to buy me shoes a size too small. I had to have them and they did not have my size."

Dream celebrity client: "Christina Aguilera, if only she would let me help her."

Best-dressed celeb: "Kate Moss."

I love it when my significant other (SO) wears: "Fitted suits."

I wish more customers would: "Be more adventurous."

Photographed By: Justin Namon
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Idalia Gastelum
Pure Therapy

What She's Wearing:
J brand skinny jeans; BCBG stripped shirt; Schutz shoes; Haute Hippie necklace.

Permanent wardrobe fixture: "White porcelain Bulgari ring and clear complexion."

Spring must-have: "Pastels and neon anything."

Favorite Item in the store right now: "Inca champagne crochet cover up."

Craziest on the job moment: "It's South Beach so nothing is too crazy. But one time a girl came in asking for Matt and asking me to call him to let him know that he is an…"

What's on your wish list: "A Cartier love bracelet."

The trend that needs to go away: "Harem pants and feathers."

Earliest fashion memory: "Modeling at the local mall, lol."

Dream Celebrity Client: "Heidi Klum because she needs someone to help and she is not afraid to take risks."

Best-Dressed celeb: "On the red carpet, Angie. Off the carpet, Sienna Miller."

I love it when my SO wears: "Nothing!"

I wish more customers would: "Allow me to show them what works for them. Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

Photographed By: Justin Namon
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Johnny Imbres

What he's wearing: "Rick Owens and Chrome Hearts bracelets."

Permanent Wardrobe Fixture: "Rick Owens Detroit Cut Denim."

Spring Must-Have: "Lemlem scarves."

Favorite Item In The Store Right Now: "Rick Owens biker jacket."

Craziest on the job moment: "Art Basel."

What's on your wish list: "Chrome Hearts Keeper Ring."

The trend that needs to go away: "The just rolled out of bed look."

Earliest fashion memory: "Early '90s Jean-Paul Gaultier."

Dream celebrity client: "Jennifer Lawrence."

Best-dressed celeb: "Tilda Swinton."

I love it when my SO wears: "Silk."

Photographed By: Justin Namon
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Ashley Evangeline Lloret

What she's wearing: Cobalt Silk Pants (Curve Brand); Inhabit black knit pullover; Bruno Frisoni shoes; an Armor ring with diamonds; ACB necklaces, feather ring; Unconditional jacket.

Permanent Wardrobe Fixture: "T by Alexander Wang chiffon button down. It's comfortable and goes with any style. I could wear one everyday."

Spring Must-Have: "Isabel Marant Willow sneakers- sold out before they'd even been shipped."

Favorite item in the store right now: "Neon yellow Christopher Kane Moto Jacket."

Craziest on the job moment: "We had this major A-Lister come in one night who needed our stylists to outfit him and everyone in his group from head-to-toe for a huge event they had in less than an hour. Needless to say we made it happen and they all looked hot!"

What's on your wish list: "Balmain & (Erickson) Beamon."

The trend that needs to go away: "Stuck-up attitudes. Being nice is the new black."

Earliest fashion memory: "I was three years old when I broke my arm. I just had to put on my mother's killer stilettos. I felt so pretty and proud. I wanted to go show my parents and then I fell down the stairs...oops!"

Dream celebrity client: "Lana del Rey hands down. She's been on my radar for awhile. She has insane style and looks like a fashion risk taker - my favorite!"

Best dressed celeb: "I really think no one right now gets an all-around best dressed."

I love it when my SO wears: "Hot sunglasses (no Ray Bans please), a cardigan and vintage snap-back, oh and anything Tom Ford."

I wish more customers would: "Step out of their comfort zone and take a risk. When you come to Curve you can basically get a free stylist session. Definitely take advantage!"

Photographed By: Justin Namon
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Renier Casanova

What he's wearing: Cardigan, shirt, and pants (S/S 12 MARNI); Boots (F/W 11 Maison Martin Margiela); Love Charity Bracelet by Cartier; Vintage copper and enamel bangle.

Permanent Wardrobe Fixture: "Working for MARNI has generated a certain comfort with color, however I always find myself running back to black, and occasionally white, red, and metallics. A few favorite pieces hanging in my wardrobe include: A goat fur and trimmed shearling leather jacket from Miu Miu, which I throw on any second the wind blows hard enough, Yohji Yamamoto pointed shirt, and Haider Ackermann pants paired off with a portfolio from Céline and Margiela shoes."

Spring Must-Have: "More closet space and a credit line increase. And no wire hangers!"

What's Your Favorite Item In The Store At The Moment: "Fluorescent orange shorts from our mens' collection, which also come in a mariner stripe variation. I really want both!"

Craziest on the job moment: "Art Basel."

What's on your wish list: "S/S: MARNI, Dries Van Noten, Givenchy, 3.1 Phillip Lim, McQueen, Y-3, Wang.; Jewelry: Margiela, Natalia Brilli, Delfina Delettrez, Miansai. I'd keep rambling, but I'm sure there's a word count limit?"

The trend that needs to go away: "Erm... over-embellishment of crystals and rhinestones."

Earliest fashion memory: "Buying myself my first Louis Vuitton Epi wallet at 14 years old."

Dream celebrity client: "I would never want to style them but I certainly admire Daphne Guinness and Tilda Swinton."

Best dressed celeb is: "One that is his/her own stylist."

I love it when my SO wears: "An outfit I've suggested, or even asks for the final approval on his own creation ;-)"

I wish more customers would: "Commend a satisfactory experience, the same way they eagerly vilify a dissatisfactory one."

Photographed By: Justin Namon