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Sick? Dumped? Fired? Bummer Baskets Deliver A Cute FML Cure

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    We'd be lying if we said every day was a cake walk— relationships end, people get fired, and (in the most unfortunate of circumstances) bugs claim real estate in beds. We're sure you or someone you know has faced one of these everyday life atrocities—and left baffled and bruised. Enter Bummer Baskets. The perfect fix for when you're down and out, or even just a little upset, these made-to-order packages include pick-me-ups such as custom cards, delicious baked goods, temporary tattoos, and "happy endings" glasses, which we encourage you to fill with alcoholic lemonade (life did give you lemons). But not all tragedies were created equal, which is why Bummer Baskets keep in mind specific ordeals from a "not so bad break up" to "newly unemployed but hated your job." Check out the cute basket options and find comfort in the fact that you're not alone when you say, FML .

    Photo: Courtesy Bummer Baskets.

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