The Coolest New Sunscreens To Pick Up, ASAP

Did you put on sunscreen today? We're going to assume the answer is a resounding "yes." We preach daily sunscreen application around here — even though we'll readily point out that some of those SPF formulas could use serious upgrades. Texture, ingredients, application, smell — there's a whole host of issues we take with quite a few of those lotions and sprays.

Luckily for us, our favorite beauty brands seem to have heard our prayers. They've rolled out an impressive roster of updated sunscreens that fit seamlessly into anyone's skin-care or makeup routine. These smart products blur, act as primers, spritz seamlessly over makeup, and more. You might not even realize some of them are sunscreens at all.

Click through to find your newest sun saviors. You'll never dread applying — or reapplying — again.
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Murad's formula is ridiculously lightweight — you'll double-check to make sure you applied enough — and does a lot more than keep your skin safe. Peptides improve texture over time and Invisiblur technology acts as a smoothing primer to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, pores, and discoloration.
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Ever finish your makeup, only to remember that you skipped SPF? Enter Coola's new makeup-setting spray. It has SPF 30, so all you have to do is spritz-spritz, and you're covered. (For at least two hours.)
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On particularly scorching days, there's nothing better than a product that helps you stave off sweat. That's why the latest innovation from L'Oréal is so clever. This gel sunscreen smooths on perfectly clear and instantly treats your skin to a cooling sensation. Take that, sun.
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Plenty of sunscreens aren't all that makeup-application friendly — think streaking, pilling, and separating. That's why we love Chantecaille's latest, which is formulated to be a primer. And, with an SPF of 50, you'll be made up and protected from UV rays in just one step.
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One of the major complaints we have about sunscreen is that it's damn near impossible to reapply over makeup. The solution? This Amorepacific face mist. (Who doesn't love face mists?) The lightweight spray delivers a potent dose of SPF 30 — so you're refreshed and protected without mucking up your bronzer.
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Sick of thick, sloppy sunscreens? La Roche-Posay is about to blow your mind. Anthelios AOX is a serum with SPF 50. Yeah, we were pretty floored too. What's more is that this serum also helps decrease the appearance of dark spots and other sun-related skin issues. So it protects while correcting — talk about a workhorse.
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Many of us with oil-slick faces dread the slimy texture of traditional sunscreens. SkinCeuticals has the answer. Its formula dries to a matte, powder-like texture, so your T-zone won't light up like a Christmas tree by noon. The oil-absorbing properties keep skin matte —and makeup in place — all day.
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While Supergoop!'s formula does a lot of the same things the other face mists in our roundup do, two things set it apart: First, it contains rosemary, which helps improve your complexion and soothe inflammation. (Bye-bye, hideous zit.) Second, it has SPF 50, which is the highest of the three. Yep, we'd say this guy's a game-changer.
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