The Best New Fashion Bloggers On Our Radar

Chances are your roommate has a fashion blog and so does your younger sister (and all of her friends)—the fashion blogosphere has reached near-saturation with personal style pics, screen grabs of platform shoes, and 200-word odes to Anna Dello Russo. While it's fun to get lost in the WWW, if you don't have a whole lot of time, it's fine to leave the gold digging to us. We've found four personal style fashion blogs we love. From a punk-rock high schooler to an established fashion editor, here are the four best fashion bloggers we've recently bookmarked!
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Shala's Rabbit Hole—Shala Monroque is a NYC glamor maven who rocks Prada shoes, Miu Miu necklaces, and turbans like no other. When she's not having dinner with Giovanna Battaglia or hanging out with her "Prada husband" Stefano Tonchi, you'll probably find this fashion editor on the streets of Paris, Milan or New York stopping traffic with her impeccable looks.
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Gary Pepper Vintage—Nicole is gorgeous, with perfect sleek black hair and legs for miles. Add to that a polished chic aesthetic and a passion for versatile heels, and you get a fashion diary you wish would never end.
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MellowMayoness—Frilly skirts, sequined pumpsm and pastel ankle socks are what girly dreams—and Mayo's wardrobe—are made of. You'll swoon over her cute feminine ensembles, quirky bags and sky-high platforms.
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Self Constructed Freak—Marlena's playful way of mixing patterns, prints, colors and fabrics is like a mix of '70s punk, Tokyo grunge, and goth-pop. We're obsessed.