Refresh Your Fall Beauty Routine With These Fab Local Products

With the turning of the season, there’s no better time to refresh your beauty routine than right now. Thankfully for those looking to shop locally, there are dozens of amazing potions, lotions, perfumes, body buffers, and other wellness-slash-beauty products that are born right here in the Bay. From the renowned alcohol-free fragrances of Yosh to a bevy of local Etsy sellers with hand-crafted soaps that look good enough to eat, there’s a product out there for every variety of locavore beauty junkie. Take a look at what’s in store!
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Set of 3 Vampire Teeth Soap, $4.50, by Brookie's Bath.
These glycerin vegan soaps are made with a mix of natural oils, gentle cleaning agents, and fresh strawberries, raspberries, and a hint of vanilla.
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Apple Butter and Caramel Footsie Pumice Scrub, $6.50, available at Savor.
Made with fine-grained pumice, natural oils, caramel, and slow-cooked red apples.
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International Orange's 7-Product Body Line, $38-$75 each, available at International Orange, 2044 Fillmore Street (at California Street); 888-894-8811.
All products are certified organic and include a blend of exotic ceremonial flowers, uplifting citruses, and healing herbs.
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Set Of 5 Yes To Lip Butters, $12.99, by Yes To.
Made with all organic ingredients, not tested on animals, and comes in yummy carrot, berry, citrus, melon, and mint flavors.
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Set of 5 Travel Size Scrubs, $19, available at Spa Goddess.
These all-natural aromatherapy scrubs feature shea butter, organic coconut and coffee scents, and more.
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Honey Babe Facial, $12, by Beauty Through Honor.
A botanical brown sugar scrub made with grape seed oil, lavender, and chamomile.
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Cinnamon and Citrus Clean Room Spray, $15.45, by Bachman's Sparrow.
The all-natural cleaner is made with tea tree oil, lavender, and eucalyptus, with notes of lemon, bergamot, and cinnamon.
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Eau De Yosh Sweet Suite 6 Sampler, $30, by Yosh and available at Dish, 541 Hayes Street (between Laguna and Octavia streets); 415-252-5997.
The sampler kit includes Yosh's six signature fragrances: Sottile, White Flowers, U4EAHH!, Ginger Ciao, Stargazer, and Omniscent.
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Honey Berry Enzyme Mask, $25, by Sequoia Beauty and available at Clary Sage Organics, 2241 Fillmore Street (at Clay Street); 415-673-7300.
An oxygenating, anti-aging mask made of bee secretion, organic strawberries and blueberries, grapefruit oil, and more.
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Heliotrope Massage Candles, $5 each, available at Heliotrope, 1515 Church Street (between 27th and Comerford streets); 415-643-4847.
Made with all-natural ingredients, including botanical oils, wax from soybeans, nourishing coconut oil, and shea butter.
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Orla Bath Salts, $15, by Captain Blanketship.
Made with Golden Queen (rose geranium, blood orange, bergamot), Pacific sea salt, California organic almond oil, and essential oils.
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Set of 5 Bumblebee Guest Soaps, $18, by Dwell Adorn.
Made from an all-natural shea-butter soap base, with a warm, woodsy cedar scent.
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In Fiore Decollete Luxury Balm, $50, by In Fiore, available at International Orange, 2044 Fillmore Street (at California Street); 888-894-8811.
Aiming to diminish the signs of premature aging, this decollete balm is infused with rose, jasmine, frankincense, cold-pressed bergamot, and myrrh.
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Giant Pumpkin Handmade Soap, $11, by Bathing in Luxury.
Made using 100% vegetable oils and notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.