The 10 Greatest Style Moments Of 2011

No doubt about it...2011 was seriously jam-packed with fashion events that left us tingling. What better way to honor a year that made major headlines than by revisiting the top 10 moments that topped our sartorial charts (and not just because we're all technically supposed to expire next year—hey-o Mayans!). From runway looks that made Kanye weak at the knees to trends we saw our very own moms wearing, here are the 10 greatest style moments from 2011.
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The Grown-Up Version Of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers — These are the shoes that went on a thousand women's wish-lists… Miu Miu banked on the fact that women love glitter (we do!), and produced these sparkling booties that sold out everywhere, immediately.

Photo: Via Net-a-Porter
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Wedding Dresses That Could Melt Our Icy Hearts — From Kate Moss to Kate Middleton (and even Bella Swan…), wedding dresses somehow bucked that frothy, satin-cupcake thing we were so used to our celebrities wearing. Glamour — we missed you!

Photo: Beretta/Sims/Rex USA
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Sarah Burton's McQueen Collections — After Alexander McQueen's passing, we were unsure if anyone could even attempt to fill his shoes, but Sarah Burton has proved that his legacy can not only live on, but evolve, in her expert hands. Her past few collection won the praise of everyone who saw it, including the British Fashion Council who awarded her

Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV PhotoDesigner of the Year for 2011.
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DIY Ombre Everything — Whether you had ombre hair, nails, or your very own dip-dyed shirt, this DIY trend made the rounds from fashion to beauty. The best part about it was its low-maintenance — lazy girls everywhere know the power of a look that hides grow-out and allows for some messiness!

Photographed by Melanie Galea
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J.Crew Cements Its Icon Status — The J.Crew brand really came into its own this year after appearing on Oprah and MObama in 2010. The brand's signature styling has become a trend in its own right, with Jenna Lyons-approved color-blocking, layering, and preppy-girly mixing becoming the coolest way to wear your separates.

Photo: Via j.Crew
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The Fearless Mixing Of Prints — Before this year, we were even hesitant to mix two prints together, but encouraged by a little (ok, a lot) of runway examples and store offerings, print mixing became an art form that's as awesome to put together as it is to wear.

Photo: Via Suno
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The Givenchy Panther Print — You could practically hear the fan hysteria when the Givenchy fall '11 collection came down the runway. As the cooler version of cat sweaters, these panther-embroidered bomber jackets, dresses, and sweaters were the coolest print (and it came in a matching men's collection with Rottweilers, too!).

Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo
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The Actually Affordable It-Bag — Cambridge Satchel Company had a banner year, when its $170 neon crossbody became the coolest bag that most ladies could reasonably afford to buy. Coming in pink, green, and orange, these bags are now slung around the shoulders of schoolgirls and fashion editors alike.

Photographed by Piera Gelardi
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Missoni For Target Madness — In-store cat fights, criminally high markups, website takedowns… the Missoni for Target collection was probably the most anticipated and shopped for designer collaboration in history. Ranging from dresses to patio furniture, the huge collection prompted both suburban moms and urban dwellers to stalk before sunrise (which they promptly broke).

Photo: Via Target
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The New It-Girls Were Really Girls — Hailee Steinfeld, Chloë Moretz, Elizabeth Olsen, the Fanning sisters… our red carpet favorites this year deserve a toast for their impeccable style, but most of them couldn't even even legally drink. Truly encapsulating the buoyant, carefree attitude that's harder for us wizened, over-18 set to achieve, this new guard on the red carpet are giving us hope that Young Hollywood isn't just a barnyard of boobs.

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages