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Made In New York: The Fashion Industry's Secret Stationery Source

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    In the world of emails, texts, and pings, sometimes all it takes is one piece of eye-catching stationery to remind us of the joys of less-than-instant communication...just ask Marc Jacobs, Estée Lauder, Vanity Fair, and pretty much the entire fashion industry. They've all opted to keep the paper trail alive, and each one of its stunning show invites, corporate cards, and branded stationery comes from just one place: Terrapin Stationers.

    Nearly a century old, this New York mainstay is one of the only hand-engravers left, with everything designed and processed right here in NYC — but don't get it twisted, there's nothing outdated about them. From classic motifs to "WTF" monograms, Terrapin constantly keeps its products fresh...often with more than a hint of modern irreverence.

    We sat down with owner Ted Harrington to get all the details on Terrapin's inspiring story, and turns out, he's just as irreverent as his stationery— charmingly so, of course. Click through to get the scoop.

    Want to skip straight to the goods? Shop our Terrapin boutique here!

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