1 Girl, 4 Looks: A So-Cool Teen Blogger Shows Off Her Go-Tos

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 12.]
Looking back at pictures of ourselves as teens can make for a cringe-worthy experience, but we're thinking that won't be the case for local teen blogger Sasha Berliner. The spawn of fashionable woman-about-town Sheri Evans, who owns iconic Union Square shop Metier, this fiery haired 13-year-old has a closet that most grown-ups would envy. Don't believe us? The Potrero resident and voice behind the Smile Or Die blog invited us into her home to show us around her cool-kid room (naturally, we also snuck into her brother's downstairs den) and to take us on a sartorial tour of her top four go-to spring looks...which are totally adult approved. Click through and let the teenage dreamin' begin. And, Tavi, watch your back!
Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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Name: Sasha Berliner
Age: 13
Blog: Smile Or Die

Sasha lounges in a Material Girl jacket, H&M blouse, Topshop paillette collar, and vintage leopard-print jeans.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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How would you describe your personal style?
"Not girly, but feminine with an edge, and a bit of rock and roll."

Vintage leopard-print jeans and Aldo glitter loafers!

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What three pieces in your wardrobe get the biggest workout?
"I love my Rag & Bone skinny jeans because they're a go-to when I'm having trouble thinking of an outfit in the morning, and they provide a base that allows me to use my imagination to develop the rest of my outfit. I also wear my black suede Aldo sneaker wedges all the time because they make me taller (hidden wedge!) and give me the opportunity to have a more relaxed, laid-back look that I wouldn't get as easily with normal heels. And I absolutely love my red-and-white polka-dotted Material Girl shirt because the length is right (not crop-top short, but not too long to the point where the fit becomes awkward) and the print is so much fun!"

Sasha in the hallway of her Potrero Hill home.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What trends or pieces of clothing are you obsessed with right now?
"I'm in love with sneaker wedges. I think the look is really unique because it's the perfect mix of laid back and dressy."

Teenage dreamin'.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What's your philosophy when it comes to accessorizing?
"Don't wear more than two accessories at a time, even if your outfit is basic, because it's visually overwhelming. Matching your accessories to your outfit makes it seem like you tried to make the outfit look put together. But it's more simple than that! You don't have to match your accessories to your outfit. In fact, using a small amount of accessories to highlight or accent your outfit looks even better."

Sasha, in her brother's room, wears a vintage blazer, Topshop tank, Rag & Bone jeans, Muji socks, Big Things feather earring, and Rag & Bone platforms.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What are your favorite places to shop?
"I love my mom's store Metier, of course, because the designer pieces are always eye catching. Although, I only get clothing from there on occasion. When it comes to local stores, I love all of the vintage shops in S.F. because they aren't chain stores, so almost everything you find there is one of a kind. My favorite is Wasteland in the Haight. The normal stores I like are H&M, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel. And I don't normally shop online, but when I do, Delia's is awesome! It has all the new and 'in' shoe styles for decent prices, plus a lot of good basics."

A pair of sneaks hangs on Sasha's bedroom wall.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What's the coolest part about having a mother that's a shop owner?
"The coolest part is that my mom continuously inspires me to keep developing my own sense of style. If she wasn't a shop owner, then I would never dress the way I do. Also, if I'm lucky, I sometimes get designer pieces that don't fit anyone at my mom's store. That always makes me happy!"

Rag & Bone cork wedges, ya'll!

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What trend would you never try out?
"I'm usually very open to new trends, but I don't think I would ever try having two buns on my head. I can't stop thinking about Padme from Star Wars, although I think the look is cute on certain people."

Topknotted to perfection.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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When did you start your blog and why?
"I started my blog in February a week before New York Fashion Week because I wanted to not only share my wonderful first-time experience there, but to express my love for fashion and style and share that with other people."

Sasha's obviously got the beat.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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How would you describe your blog?
"My blog is mostly my everyday looks and how they play a part in my life."

A fashion-y collage decorates one of Sasha's bedroom walls.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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Do you have any style icons?
"I adore anything Chloe Moretz wears. I also think of my mom as a big style icon."

Sasha, in her bedroom, in a vintage Levi's vest, H&M tank, American Apparel skirt, Dr. Martens, and an American Apparel head scarf.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What other blogs do you read?
"Fashion Toast, The Style Rookie, Style Bubble, and — obviously — Refinery29!"

Jump around!

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What's your take on fellow teen blogger Tavi?
"Tavi has a style that's completely her own. She wears what she wants and what she thinks looks cute, and I admire that about her. Her sense of quirkiness was something that caught the attention of people, including myself! She also writes incredibly well for her age, and that skill is hard to come by."

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What's the coolest part about being a teen in San Francisco?
"You start to realize who you truly are when you're a teen, and I feel like San Francisco is an environment that's accepting to any of those things that make up who you are. You can be whoever you want to be, whereas in other places, I think teens feel a little more like they don't have that freedom."

Sasha wears H&M sunglasses, an American Apparel top, vintage Mayle cardigan, Material Girl pants, and Aldo sneaker wedges.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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What are your favorite hangout spots?
"If I have friends over, we always love to go to the Haight for lunch and thrift shopping, or we go to the park to hang out and talk. I also go to a non-profit music organization called Rock Project, where I play rock music with a bunch of other kids my age. That's always a common hangout spot, as well. But when I just want to lie down or relax, home is always the best place."

Sasha in her H&M sunnies.

Photographed by Abby Wilcox
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Tell us what's up next for you, either in your blog, band, etc.
"I'm trying to get my friends in more fashion posts on my blog, so that they can get involved, too. My mom and I are going to possibly submit pictures of my bedroom to Teen Vogue, because it always does a piece on an everyday person's room and life, and it would be so rad if I was that everyday person and got into my favorite magazine. I have a lot of shows coming up with Rock Project from here throughout the summer, which is going to be loads of fun, as well as a jazz fundraiser concert for kids in my school (OSA) to go to one of the best music camps nationwide. And we all can't wait for summer!"

Her future's so bright...she's gotta wear shades. (Obvi!)

Photographed by Abby Wilcox