16 Gifts For The Most Difficult People In Your Life

There's always that one person that's impossible to buy a gift for. It might be because you just don't know them all that well or it could be that their Champagne tastes just don't fit your beer budget. That's okay: We've rounded up a selection of gift ideas that are sure to please.

Best of all: These gadgets (and gadget accessories) are easy enough to use that even your tech-phobic coworker can appreciate them. And if your budget isn't sky-high, that's okay, too. We've found quality gifts ranging in price from $10 to $200.

From the cousin you haven't seen for more than a decade to the person that just seems to have everything, we've got you covered. Read on for our choices.

No matter who you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need, right here.
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The Cousin You Haven’t Seen Since You Were 12
This year’s gift exchange involves “family” that might better be referred to as “strangers who happen to share a large percentage of your DNA.” These gifts will delight the most beloved — and the most distant — of relatives.

UE Roll
Price: $100
Portable Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, but the waterproof UE Roll isn't just portable, it's fun. Its low profile and spherical shape make it easy to fit in small bags and an elastic strap on the back lets you attach it somewhere secure (and convenient) before blasting your tunes. The most difficult part will be choosing which color combo is best.
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Photo: Courtesy Tile.
Know someone who's always misplacing their wallet or their keys? Give them a Tile. The small, square tracker works with an app to makes sure you never lose, or leave behind, your most valued possessions. (And you can save $30 if you buy a pack of four or more.)
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Polaroid Snap
Polaroid's super cute Snap camera takes Instagram into the real world, printing the photos you take almost as soon as you take them. Each image is 10-megapixels (about smartphone quality) and prints in a 2x3-inch size.
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The Music Lover
It can be hard to find a gift for a bonafide music lover. Their tastes are so picky that you can't actually buy them music (and they've got a Spotify subscription, anyway). Plus, high-end audio equipment is really expensive. Here are some thoughtful options.

dJay 2 App
Algoriddim's DJing app is not only amazing, it's really fun. It only takes a few minutes to start learning the app and spin tunes that seamlessly blend into the next, thanks to clever music syncing and beat-matching features. It works on the iPad and larger iPad Pro, but there's a Mac desktop version, too.
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Photo: Courtesy Fiio.
Fiio E6 Stereo Headphone Amplifier
The best way to make your tunes sound amazing on-the-go is with: A.) A superb pair of headphones and B.) a device like this, a portable amplifier. This model is small and light, making it perfect for upping the volume and audio quality of your earbuds when you're traveling on an airplane, or to drown out whatever's blasting over the speakers when you're at the gym.
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The Health Nut
The Chris Traeger in your life could run a marathon any day of the week, and already tracks their runs, rides, and swims with some sort of high tech Garmin gadgetry. These products complement their healthy lifestyle.

Jawbone UP3

Price: $180
The UP3 isn't so much a fitness tracker as a wellness tracker. Its key feature: It monitors resting and passive heart rate, so you can track your overall health, fitness, and fatigue over time (a more important health stat than just steps, although it counts that, too). Using that information, you can better plan workouts and know when you're on the verge of getting sick.
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Photo: Courtesy Pong.
Pong Sleek Case for iPhone 6/6s
If you ever worry about the effect all your phone's stray radiation will have while it sits in your pocket, you need one of Pong's iPhone cases. They block up to 67% of signal radiation exposure compared to a bare phone, without compromising phone performance.
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Photo: Courtesy Bellabeat.
Bellabeat Leaf
Price: $130
The Bellabeat Leaf isn't an ordinary activity tracker. Designed specifically for women, it looks attractive — styled as a leaf-like pendant — and it also tracks your period. It can even vibrate to remind you to take the pill each day.
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Photo: Courtesy Apple.
The Perfectionist
Whether it's your roommate, sibling, or coworker, this person is Type A to the core. Here's what they need to keep their life meticulous.

Photography Kit for iPhone 6/6s

You want to up the level of your Instagram game, but upping to a DSLR and porting images back to your phone is way too much work. This kit includes an Olloclip Active Lens for ultra-wide and telephoto shots, a tripod, and a Bluetooth remote, so you can take pro-level photographs with the phone that fits in your pocket. And it all fits in a handy (included) carrying case.
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Photo: Courtesy Grovemade.
Grovemade Desk Collection
Price: $39-$129
You spend a lot of time at your desk each day, so it might as well be beautiful and comfortable. Grovemade’s desk accessories and organizers, which range from an iPhone bumper case to keyboard tray to a laptop stand, are a wonderful way to keep things organized and ergonomic. Items come in walnut (pictured) or maple.
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Photo: Courtesy BlueLounge.
BlueLounge Soba
We've all got a couple (dozen) different device chargers strewn across our desks. If you're tired of the tangle and clutter, use the Soba to neatly funnel cables into a single master route. The resulting tube, up to ten feet long, can even be affixed to walls and desks.
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Photo: Courtesy Amazon.
The (Empty) Nesters
Whether your friends just moved into their first apartment together or your parents have suddenly found themselves with a lot more free time, these products will transform the home experience with entertainment and utility.

Amazon Echo

Price: $180
The Amazon Echo is what it would look like if Siri and Amazon had a baby. Say "Hey Alexa," and this cylindrical voice-controlled gadget answers questions about your schedule, the weather, and tons of other things, and also plays music. You can sit it on the kitchen counter for a new morning companion.
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Photo: Courtesy Twelve South.
Twelve South HiRise Stand
FaceTiming with kids, parents, and faraway friends is a whole lot easier when you're not awkwardly holding a phone in front of your face. The HiRise stand places — and charges — your iPhone or lightweight iPad (iPad mini or iPad Air, if you dare) on a pedestal. It also works with just about any case out there, unlike a lot of other iPhone docks.
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Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Fourth Generation Apple TV
The new Apple TV is the perfect living room companion for a household of iPhone users. You can use Siri to find and navigate to your favorite shows, as well as answer questions about actors, sports stats, or the weather. While the remote is still a pain for typing out your Netflix login credentials, its touchpad and voice control are terrific and initial setup is really quick.
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Photo: Courtesy Parrot.
Your 10-Year-Old Niece Or Nephew
What do kids like these days? Don't stress — here are some gifts that will solidify your cool aunt status for years to come.

Parrot Jumping Sumo

Price: $130
Remote-controlled cars are so 1995. This smartphone-controlled, two-wheeled contraption rolls and hops its way across rooms and obstacles. It's even got an onboard camera, so you can see exactly what it sees and take pictures.
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Photo: Courtesy Sphero.
BB-8 by Sphero
This is the droid you're looking for. The Sphere BB-8 toy is voice activated and controlled by an app, but it also has a mind of its own, thanks to some autonomous behavior and a personality that adapts as you play with it. You can also record and view holographic images with this spherical robot.
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